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“0” db in mixer

Hello, does anyone know if it’s possible to view decibels in the mixer? I want to make sure I’m not passing 0 db to avoid digital distortion.


  • edited August 23

    The mixer shows decibels, the scale is at the side. Signals over 0db appear as red in the level indicators

  • wimwim
    edited August 23

    Keep in mind you're not going to get distortion inside Loopy Pro itself. Distortion can come in if the signal passes into FX apps that do introduce distortion (intentionally or not), on the master out if the DAC clips, or at the input of your interface.

    This means that the real place you need to measure DB levels varies. Monitoring the level of an a channel output doesn't tell you if you're overdriving an FX on a send for instance. Nor does monitoring the output level of an FX if it's being over driven at the output.

    The key is to think of where the distortion can be introduced. Individual internal channel outputs isn't one of them. That's a holdover concept from analog and pre 32-bit digital processing days.

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