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OT: Multitouch issue - random notes being played.

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Hi folks. Just picked up a brand new iPad mini Retina today (from Staples). I noticed something odd. If I use multitouch - e.g. playing multiple notes in Animoog, sometimes I will get random notes played. I.e. if, say, I hold a bass note down with one finger and then play a melody with another finger, sometimes random other notes will get triggered. I've tried it in a couple of apps - same issue. It's very random and hard to repeat, but when it does happen it's obviously completely messing things up.

I thought at first it might be cMemory (which was only showing the scan button when I restored it and appears to have disappeared from the app store anyway) so I deleted it. Thought the problem had gone away - but it resurfaced.

I then wondered whether it was happening only when the power cord is connected - because it seemed to occur then and I haven't noticed it with it disconnected. That would be odd but I haven't been able to repeat it with it running on battery (yet at least).

I did capture some video of it happening which I'll gladly post if it helps figure out what's up.

I have reset the device - in both ways - just holding the power button down and sliding off, as well as home+power.

I have removed the case it was in - same issue. (Wondering about electrostatic interference etc.)

No - I do not have multitouch gestures on - one of the first things I turn off on an iPad.

I may have a faulty digitizer of course.

I'm hoping it's not faulty hardware but I'm leaning towards that. Only picked it up today so it'd be a warranty replacement I would assume. If I did end up doing that - would my best bet be to take it to an Apple store or back to the retailer. Thoughts? My nearest Apple store is over an hour's drive away - so not my first choice :-/

Anyhow - has anyone else ever experienced this? Is it a known problem / design fault / hardware issue on some models sometimes?

Glad of any suggestions.

Kind regards



  • Sorry to hear it. Staples will likely exchange it for another.

  • edited September 2014

    The lesson here is no never go to Staples for anything, ever ;)

    I had a hardware fault on iphone and a Genius Bar trip got me a replacement. Same with my colleagues iPad mini.. (Which had similar ghost clicks all over the place) .... So I think hardware weirdness is totally possible.

  • Hmmmm. It really hasn't repeated in my use without power. Odd. Wonder if there's something going on there...

    @skoptic - I hear you - however they had absolutely the beast price deal on a new model that I've seen. I'd been holding out on an Air or mini Retina and the price deal made the difference for me here. Plus I wanted to get a current model with iOS 7 before they began shipping with 8 and my favorite synths that weren't 8 compatible with AB SDK 2.1 yet didn't work with it.

    @syrupcore - yes - probably - but they had to ship this to the store - didn't have any in stock so it'll be yet another delay if I do have to send it back, and, then, I might get back one with 8 on it :-( :-(

    However - I'm curious as to why this is happening and what's triggering it. Anyone else with any insights?

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