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Arturia iProphet - out now!

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iProphet is a recreation of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS. This rare and somewhat endangered classic, born in the 1980’s heyday of digital synthesizers, has been faithfully recreated for the iPad platform.

The iProphet brings a whole new pallet of sounds to the iPad that have not existed before. While we recreated the sound of the Prophet VS, we revamped the user interface into something that makes this more musical than ever before.

Using our TAE™ Prophet VS engine, from our award winning MAC/PC app, Prophet V, we have given new life to this rare and wonderful synthesizer.
What’s the Vector Victor?

The iProphet uses Vector synthesis to create it’s sounds. Vector synthesis allows for great timbrel variation over time leads to making it a ‘pad monster’. It starts off with 4 digital oscillators that are then mixed and cross faded in a 2D matrix.

This raw sound can then be processed like a typical analog synthesizer through a multimode filter and output effects.

The morphing vector sounds will add a whole new character of sounds to your music productions.

iProphet requires at least an iPad 2 or iPad Mini and iOS 7.0 or later.

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  • And preset compatibility between desktop and iDevice version is a nice bonus.

  • @ChrisG I knew you'd be the first in this thread :)

  • Ha! Yea, can't really help myself. :(

  • edited September 2014

    I sure hope that the company that worked with Arturia on this one implemented it in a usable way. I believe plenty of feedback has been given on what customers might want in an app. iSEM does it very well. Was this web page publicized or did someone find a link? Because if a website was published and advertised when obviously halfway done, then I expect imini and not iSEM...

    I don't mean to be negative, but I am skeptical based on the track record so far.

  • edited September 2014

    Based on the announced Tabletop integration, it looks like it's Retronyms (iMini), not Rolf (who worked on iSem).

  • On their website, if you click "Details" tab, it shows iMini info.

  • edited September 2014

    @busker said:

    Based on the announced Tabletop integration, it looks like it's Retronyms (iMini), not Rolf (who worked on iSem).

    Yes, I understand. It's been known for a little while that they continue to roll out many new apps while leaving the ones already released without the final coat of paint, or in some cases built on a foundation of sand with very nice paint. I'm sure Iprophet will sound great as Arturia is responsible for that part. It is just hopefully usable on iOS.

    I'll wait to see before jumping in.

    @fjcblanco said:

    On their website, if you click "Details" tab, it shows iMini info.

    Exactly. Halfway. It is possible someone stumbled on a page that was not yet supposed to be public, so I don't want to be critical of that yet. I'd hope that they'll take a look at it though.

  • Perhaps they just made a mistake with the pages they're linking to or they copied iMini's pages and are still updating them.

  • edited September 2014

    Yes, I hope that's true. I know that the person in my band who does our website (and does web design as his main income source) regularly sends us links to pages on our site to test that are not accessible to someone through the main site page. Kind of like me sending the band rough mixes and getting comments about sounds that haven't been worked on yet. I stopped doing that after the last mix!

    Also, to be clear, I think retronyms has great ideas, but it just seems like things are always one working feature short of being ready for Primetime. I'd love to see them do very well, but the penchant for hyping products, releasing them half baked, then not listening to customer feedback that is constructive in order to fully bake them is showing a pattern. I don't expect things to be totally bug free, all the beta testing in the world could still miss some bugs, but I'd love to see consultation on what musicians want and need in apps. There are developers who do this successfully, so I feel it's a fair comment.

  • @busker said:

    Based on the announced Tabletop integration, it looks like it's Retronyms (iMini), not Rolf (who worked on iSem).

    Too bad. That makes this one a wait and see for me. If it was the iSem people it would have been a no-brainer.

  • edited September 2014

    Well, it doesn't really matters, because it looks like an instant buy, isn't?

    I mean, the exact details, not the Rolf question.

  • No, not for me. I've been better about resisting impulse buys now. I'm going to be doing an 80's band soon, so I may have use for some new synths then, but I'll wait on this one to see if it's necessary and if it works.

  • Shouldn't they call it iProphetVS if it's just the digital one?

  • @fjcblanco said:

    Well, it doesn't really matters, because it looks like an instant buy, isn't?

    I mean, the exact details, not the Rolf question.

    Not with Retronyms as the developer. I agree with @mrrufino1 's comments regarding Retronyms' track record. I'm tired of getting burned by apps that are not ready for primetime or have some pretty major functions/features missing (see, e.g. Gadget and sampling). You'd think I'd learn, pero soy bastante torpe!

  • The desktop version had both Prophet V and Prophet VS, plus a Hybrid mode. This is just the VS, as it says that you must ensure that sounds are VS to export them. But that's cool, I think it will add a useful extra synth and worth buying for nostalgia reasons alone! Arturia are a big name and they should be encouraged to port their entire range - CS80 next please!

  • R_2R_2
    edited September 2014

    I found the info above through google, no direct link on Arturia's home page yet.
    Assumingly they used iMini's pages as 'blueprints' and haven't finished adding all info.
    So don't go too hard on them about that ;-)
    Anyhow, nice to see the screens and hear some sounds.

    The vector control (and wave selecting) looks nicely implemented. Perhaps better then on the desktop version.

    Interesting story on how the original Prophet VS was born:

  • Well, thanks for the warnings...As you well said, easier to resist with such a lot of actual synth (most of then I already own).

    Thanks. Rehab does miracles... :)

  • Very interesting history!

  • I prefer (virtual) analog to digital but I am happy that I'll have a new Tabletop ready poly synth. The IAA instrument synths work great in Mastermind but the presets don't save plus it's much better to automate a synth directly from its interface.

  • edited September 2014

    I was hoping they would also include Prophet 5 and not only the Prophet VS, but
    there is still hope as it's not realized yet :)

  • Arturia's page says that it will support both Audiobus and IAA.... that must have hurt Retronyms a little to have Arturia force them to incorporate it into the synth. ;-)

  • Doesn't imini have audiobus? I think so. All I care about is that retronyms makes sure whatever they make actually works as well as can be expected. Missing features we wish might be there don't concern me as much as the ones that are there being solid, otherwise the apps are toys. Toys are fun, but not good tools.

  • @firejan82 Aggred, buy mostly for use in Tabletop...

  • Surprised there isn't already an app named iProphet, actually.

    A little disappointed this is the VS and not the V.

  • I promised myself I wouldn't impulse buy anything retronyms is involved in.. I'll wait and see how this pans out

  • Nice spy work 00R_2. I think the iMini and Mini V transfer sounds interesting. Hopefully ios8 will make using that blasted itunes middleman a bit easier.

  • @Sinapsya yeah, I wish all my iOS synths were Tabletop-ready... Or at least Thor - that would make me happy for a long time.

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