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A spin with an ‘emotional’ AI: Hush

edited August 8 in Creations

According to mythbusting site Snopes, The ‘Crying Baby' Serial Killer Victim Lure is an urban myth circulating via email since January 2003, purportedly relating to a serial killer operating in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana, USA. It suggested the killer would leave a doll rigged with a tape recording of a crying baby on the doorsteps of lone women, to lure them out. Coincidentally, two known and later convicted serial killers independently targeting lone women were indeed operating in Baton Rouge at this time, though neither used the ruse.

So this is another AI vocal experiment, this time using the open access tier of where, in addition to the text you enter, you can freely make suggestions as to how the AI voice should deliver the material. In this case, I went with ‘Sad’ and ‘Whisper’. (Because of course I did), then pitch shifted the output a couple of semi tones, and ran it against some auto sliced loops in Loopmix, I had, in true Fannie Craddock style, prepared earlier. Now that Loopmix has implemented direct drag and drop from Files, it is much more useful to me than hitherto. The minimal musical accompaniment is based round a midi file of the nursery rhyme I grabbed off the interwebs, playing Hilda from Atom, with beats courtesy of Hammerhead.

Fun fact: the sound of a crying baby is apparently proven to cause heightened attitudinal arousal in the oldest part of human brains, which is why it is one of the hardest sounds to ignore - and one of the most irritating!

Er… enjoy?


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