Wifi or Bluetooth support between devices in Audiobus

Is this even possible?

To clarify, what I mean is... Could you use Audiobus on your iPhone load an input and effect/filter then select "wifi" or "bluetooth" as the output then load up Audiobus on iPad and select the input as "wifi" or "Bluetooth" and send it through a second effects channel and finally to record.

Or a step further even, sync two sessions together to record to the same DAW? So you can play with a friend and record to the same place. That'd open a few more doors.

See I'm thinking wifi or bluetooth might not be fast enough to handle the audio stream.. But I'm not sure.. Anyone know?

This would solve the problem i have with JamUp not allowing multiple effects of the same categorie because this way I can have 2 JamUp's running on the same feed. As well as opening a bunch of doors.

I managed a work around for this by using an iRig plug and a cord connected from device A audio out to Device B audio in. Obviously less dynamic.


EDIT: Moved this to wishlists now that I know it's possible


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