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How to use KQ Voice Plugins to enable GarageBand and AUM to exchange MIDI and Audio

edited July 31 in App Tips and Tricks

Here's a new video in my series "Let's Play with iOS Music Apps." This one shows how I use KQ Voice Plugins to send multiple audio and MIDI tracks from GarageBand to AUM and even a way to synchronize the playback, so that the AUM transport starts when you hit play in GarageBand. It's a great way to play around in realtime with GarageBand and AUM and do things like use the MIDI based live loops to play instruments in AUM, take an existing GarageBand project and get some of the MIDI and audio tracks into AUM, or even combine the two to play together.

I haven't tried using the plugins to route audio or MIDI between other apps such as GarageBand and Cubasis, or Nanostudio, or BeatMaker 3, but it may work there too. A lot of new ways of using GarageBand in new and interesting ways are possible using the app. There's a lot of sharp talented people here in this forum, so it would be great fun to find out what else it can do.

I'm a big fan of the developer, Ryouta Kira, who also makes KQ Sampei - one of my favorite MIDI player and instrument apps, and he has been very active in updating the app and making improvements since it was released. I haven't had any crashes or issues with it so far either.

KQ Voice Plugins App Store link (US):

Let's Play iOS Music Apps: KQ Voice Plugins

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