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voice bot mpe settings?

edited July 2023 in App Tips and Tricks

Can anyone advise on setting up the "limited" MPE stuff on @humbletune voice bot (currently using as AU FX) ?
I'm using Linnstrument. Out of the box, x axis pitch intended movements do not seem to affect pitch in voice bot, can I get voice bot to use the range that Linnstrument is set to?
Is y axis cc 74 able to be mapped and if so how?
Same question re polyAT
But first and foremost just getting working pitch bends would be great.
Thank you!

(Apologies if wrong category! Support and feedback perhaps? If it gets answered, it will become a tip/trick! If it doesn't, I'm in the wrong place)


  • edited July 2023

    Found it. Under the voice bot icon top left and within there the icon that is midi DIN so midi settings, CC was (default) off, once enabled x axis pitch from linnstrument works, and appears to be 12 semitones up, 12 semitones down, nice! This is a rare case of an MPE vocoder. (On desktop Arturia Vocoder in its up to date incarnation is another)

    Then, dynamic piano mode can be set as well for y axis stuff to be responding, and the amounts can be adjusted on params such as bits and band amounts.

    As such, @humbletune was being far too humble describing it as "limited" MPE. That's plenty of control.

    Digging it

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