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edited September 2014 in Creations

This is draft of my first iOS album. Am posting to get some opinions and constructive feedback as I may still add a track or two and/or cut some.


  • This was made mainly in Beatmaker2 with Samplr, Animoog, Nave, Magellan, Impc, ikaossilator, aufx dub all featuring heavily.

  • Very good, Tape Wave's outro was awsome; very organic followed by "You are here" intro was a great transition. Thanks for sharing your works.

  • Hey. Very good.

    Hearing Vagueness Squared reminded me I saw your piece on this on PalmSounds. I liked it when I heard it / saw the video then. I really like this track.

    The few tracks I've listened to I really like. Great crispness of sound on the opening track. Love all the beats.

    I'll favourite and give the whole album a listen properly.

    So cool you made it all with apps I have.

    Be great to have more info on which apps you used for which tracks.

    Did you use a lot of purchased / found samples?


  • Been listening to boards of canada pandora this morning and 5 tracks into your playlist forgot that I paused it to listen to your stuff. Not really comparing to BoC but am comparing the relative quality and atmospherics. This is great stuff my man.

  • Yep. So impressive.

    Be interested to know how long it took you. And how long in total you've been making music for.

    Great achievement.

  • Great work! I've been listening to a few tracks and I really enjoy the style :)

  • Very nice.. Midnight drive my fav so far..
    And i'd say BoC better look out :)

  • Wow thanks for the feedback everyone. Only just realized this had been revived.
    I am looking to release this over next couple months on my website. It will be free download album. Will post again when I get artwork finished

  • @Matt_Fletcher_2000 Thanks a lot. This is pretty much a year and a half worth of very sporadic efforts. There are some purchased samples from Sample Cds I had from hardware days and also samples from apps (Peace Out trk has alot of jazz samples from sessionband jazz that i cut up in Samplr). Been making music over 20 years now.

  • @syrupcore and @RUncELL Cheers. Very flattered by the BoC comparisons. Ridiculously. I have none of their albums but I know I have liked stuff of theirs I have heard, let me know best BoC album to start with

  • @RedSkyLullaby Music Has The Right To Children always seems a sensible BoC place to start, although I'm sure folks have plenty of other opinions (as ever!)...

  • @JohnnyGoodyear thanks. Was listening to some tracks from that album on Pandora yesterday, I had heard many before for sure, probably in an altered state many years ago. I am going to go a little off topic here and suggest any BoC fans who do not know it already check out early stuff from Seefeel before they were on Warp

  • Impressive musicality and production value...Thanks for sharing.

  • Early Seefeel is great. Quique and Pure, Impure were both on constant rotation for a several years at my house.

  • Heh, nice connection @RedSkyLullaby. From

    They performed their last live concert with the original line-up in October 1997 supported by Boards of Canada.

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