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AUM project loading wrong nodes - efx in instrument slot etc.

Just seeing if anyone ever experienced issues with this?
Have attached image to demonstrate.
Afaik it shouldn’t be possible to load efx into instrument slots and instruments into efx slots but seems to be happening.
Also jumbles them up and general node mess.
I’m using Xequence, Audiobus, AUM workflow on iOS 16.5 iPhone 8+
I’d guess a project has corrupted but can revert back to usual state sometimes. How to know which host is corrupting also..?
Any advice appreciated


  • wimwim
    edited June 2023

    Are those plugins actually loaded where they show? Can you open the plugins in those positions? Or are their icons just messed up but the actual plugins are in the right place?

  • They are loaded and I can open them.
    I do also get messed up or blank/greyed icons.
    I just opened the project in AUM only and it opened fine.
    Opened again through Audiobus and it seemed to jog Audiobus’ memory as to where everything should be but it then refused to communicate to AUM.
    Opening project yet again and things were ok, everything working. I assume AB is the problem (which was hunch as does seem to have issues).
    Pretty strange behaviour, and concerned about it causing project corruption elsewhere.

  • We might want to tag @Michael on this one.

  • Blimey. I don't know what that could be; AB just gives apps the same data back that they sent it when state saving, so the semantics of an AUM project are outside AB's jurisdiction - all AB sees is a bunch of bytes. @j_liljedahl, any ideas?

  • So is this happening only when you saved AUMs state via Audiobus? Or also when using AUM standalone?
    Did you load those plugins that way, or did they change slots after saving and reopening the session?

  • edited June 2023

    So, with Xequence, Audiobus, AUM workflow, I save everything in Xequence app, then AUM app, then Audiobus (with state saving).
    I do this as I’ve had Audiobus load an old Xequence session, change the project names or other erratic behaviour.
    On some projects when I reopen AB project it opens the relevant AUM file but with nodes completely jumbled up. It’s not just the icons. I can open an efx app in an instrument slot and vice versa.
    When I open file only in AUM standalone it’s fine.
    Forgot to mention also that on opening the AB project I can get a message that AB is unable to open AUM file so I switch to AUM and open manually.
    Btw, thanks for response’s everyone

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