Any DJ Apps on Board?

First off I am loving the app and can't thank you guys enough for it. Like most people I have been waiting many moons for this to land and I havent had any issues at all so far with the limited time I've had it. So please do keep up the good work!!

Anyway I have an online radio show that I used to do and I'm starting it back up in the New Year. Are there any DJ apps on board or showing any interest in this? I'd love to be able to pre-record shows on the move. I've got the Algoriddim Djay app on my iPhone that I use more as a toy but would kill to be able to route this into Mutitrack DAW and do some speaking over it on another track


  • Hey, Checkout Bossjock: doesn't yet support Audiobus, though I've contacted development , and they are interested.

  • Cheers, I could make good use of this even without Audiobus. I'm gonna get in touch with developer and ask for a few features. I'll use it mainly for voice over between songs and don't really need any mixing features so a time elapsed/remaining in the loaded cart would be great. Could open up a whole lotta fun though if we could route effects through it with Audiobus

  • So what are good DJ apps. Pros and cons would be interesting?

  • I'm not the best person to ask about the DJ apps as I usually use apps for making music. There are probably others on here with more experience with them that could list pros and cons.

    I've never made the switch from Mac to iOS for radio shows because you have podcasting apps designed mainly for talking and DJ mixing apps designed for mixing songs. I need a combination of both as I want to pre-record your standard music radio show with songs and talking between them.

    My needs are simple. A DJ app to send songs into Multitrack and I can then use another track for talking between the songs.

    Algoriddim's Djay is great for mixing songs and has onboard effects and filters that the mixing DJ would use and I'm sure they would benefit from being able to use other effects and filters through Audiobus.

    Bossjock mentioned above by roosterloop is the closest to both I've came across but is relatively new and missing a few features that I would need

  • Djay is the obvious one - it's so popular.

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    ii have a long (Vinyl) dj experience (almost 20 years) and my favorite app was the "red bull bpm dj".That was a licence from "DJ Player".unfortunately the red bull one is discontinued so maybe i have to use DJ Player from now has a terrible optic but a LOT of advanced features,makes good use of the touchscreen and is the only one supporting digital vinyl systems -Traktor scratch,Serato etc- since the last update which makes it the most professional app in the store.

    Algorridims DJ always seemed more like a toy to me (i tried it)with its supertiny technics fake-turntables.It looks nice but is very impractical imo.Although i think it is the most successful one in the store.

    Theres a new player on the market that looks very promissing:Turntable DJ Deck and i'm sure i'll give it a try.

    The other apps i dont know.Maybe i should mention that i play with two ipads so i dont care about apps where i cant switch to a"one deck only"view.

    edit:i forgot to thank you for this AWESOME app :)

  • Hey, glad you checked out Bossjock and find it to be useful. The dev team has really been great, doing what they can to ad new features. For me, one of the reasons Bossjock stands out like it does, is it's accessibility with the built-in Screen reader within iOS, "Voiceover", this may not mean anything to some, but for me as a blind individual, the accessibility of an app makes or breaks if I can even use it. Bossjock is fully accessible. Though Bossjock was created primarily with the podcaster in mind, I've had no problems creating a dj mix. PS, I've also got ahold of the dev behind Papaya Broadcaster, (a shoutcast/icecasting app), He is going to look into Audiobus. If, say, Bosjock, and Papaya Broadcaster both had Audiobus support, You could, in theary, stream directly from your IDevice with no prerecord needed.

  • Good info, Rooster.

    A broadcasting app with Audiobus in it would be pretty cool, methinks.

    I'm fascinated by making apps usable for blind people. Sadly, I know very little about it. I think Michael has already looked into it a bit for Audiobus but I'm not sure.

    I'm interested in what Audiobus could do for you... what app combinations would be really helpful? Is Audiobus actually enabling you to do something you were not able to do before with your iDevice? Maybe you could make a separate thread for it?

  • Sebastian, thank you. I will most cirtinly start a new thread when I have an answer to your question. :) I have yet to purchase Audiobus, because I only have one app that currently supports it (thumbjam) I am doing my part though, to contact the devs of every audio app that I feel having audiobus support would greatly enhance. In regards to iOS accessibility, I really appreciate your interest, it means a great deal to a lot of people. Learn more about iOS accessibility from a developer standpoint by visiting:

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    I agree that DJ Player is probably the most capable app, but being able to only see one deck at a time really turns me off, it's a real dealbreaker for me. If I had some sort of external DJ controller for it so I could see & tweak both decks at once then I would probably switch to it, but until then I just keep using djay and hope that it gets more advanced. djay also works well with all the iOS DJ controllers, and can even do dual-stereo out (for stereo cueing and playback) with roland's iDJ pro.

  • @shkmc

    i understand i said...i'm using two devices so priority for me is a good usability and thats simply not possible (at least to me)with two decks on one screen.DJ Player has a view where you can use both decks at once although a lot of features are missing in this view.Before iOS 6 djaying on one device was not more like a gadget (only mono out if want to prelisten your tracks)but the support for multiple outputs changed a lot now.I can see a lot more possibilities with only one device.I'm getting excited cause i really want to use DJ Player with Timecode vinyl but i need more infos if/how it works.In this case i would need only one device as well.I'm thinking hard to sell my two ipad 2 to get an ipad 4.Yes,audiobus (or auria) is a VERY good reason as well :)

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