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inserting a fixed tempo in mozaic to send to channel app?

I've found that while setting tempo in AUM will change the tempo in the drum app, it only does that if you tap play in AUM.

Is there a way to send a tempo to the app in a channel with Mozaic so I can start play directly in the app with the footpedal?

We are talking a Lumbeat app here so I'm not sure how developer has configured it...there is only a tap tempo option in the app itself.


  • The communication between AUM and LumBeats app(s) is based on “Ableton Link” which must be enabled in AUM settings and in the LumBeats app. Both apps will report that they are connected to some number of running apps… 1 in this simple case. If your AUM project has Ableton on and the Lumbeats app is already running in standalone mode and ideally also loaded on an AUM channel so I have a way to adjective volumes. An app configured in AUM will not automatically cause the standalone IAA version of the Lumbeats to load.

    Changes in the BPM settings in AUM or the Lumbeats app will cause a BPM change in all apps running Ableton Link.

    Linking your pedal to the AUM transport is the best solution for starting everything at the same time. I’ve noticed there’s generally some delay period before everything starts. I suspect there’s some clock running voa Ableton link that needs to come around to ONE before everything starts. Maybe someone has more details on this fine point.

  • cool, thx McD

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