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Replace function EDP style looper

Hi, I was wondering if someone was able to recreate this way of overdubbing called 'replace' in the EDP loopers.
It basically does an overdub erasing the material that was previously recorded in a loop. It can usually be set to 1/32 to loop length.
So by replacing it would replace only a, let's 1/16 length of a loop, while overwriting the previously material and quantized to the master clock.

I know I'm somewhere getting close with the overdub feedback option but still was not able to set a certain length for overdub to start and stop. I found that this quantization can be set up to 1/16 minimum but having trouble setting this automatic start and stop of overdub.

Any ideas?


  • Loopbud works this but with midi.

  • Not sure about different bar lengths but you key midi to a piano roll. Then when you key again it erases and replaces mdi.

  • How about just making a widget to do it? 2 actions: Record Start, and Record Stop, with the Record Stop set to a delay of whatever you want, like half a beat, and the Record Start optionally quantised to whatever you want

  • Oh wait, if the idea is to have it continually going in and out of overdub, then that's not going to do that.

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