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Loopy pro not remembering play settings & sequencer


I originally recorded 10 donuts (phase locked loops). I then set them to free-phased single shots, and just wanted to use the sequencer to arrange a simple section that played each of the 10 donuts. However, it seems like starting and stopping the sequencer playing causes the donut playing to lose its play settings? It starts looping and phasing. I can’t export audio because there is always a loop in the background. None of the donuts are set to loop.

Also, and a seperate issue, one of the recordings doesn’t play correctly. It’s a simple recording of the phrase ‘Thank you’ but the ‘you’ doesn’t play in the clip. I even exported the audio to audio wave, trimmed and normalized it and re-imported into Loopy pro, but it always plays strangely.

Any ideas?



  • @geremy : that sounds unusual. @Michael might need to see the project and a demonstration of the issues.

  • Indeed, that sounds unusual. If you wouldn’t mind emailing the project to me - [email protected] - I’d love to take a look

  • I appreciate the offer but I finally got it to work. But I do think that there is a bug. I will send a sample project.

    Record Donuts (set to free phase and one shot)
    Place sequence of donuts (and enable sequence loop)
    Start sequence
    Stop sequence before it finishes, during one of the one-shots playing

    Something happens with that last donut that was playing. It isn’t apparent within Loopy Pro but if you try to save to file or export to another program it’s pretty messed up.

    I am sending a sequence (not my original project, this is just a sample one) and the export from Loopy Pro. I’ll make the subject ‘donut one-shot sequencer bug’.


  • Hi,

    Just wanted to update and say thanks for fixing this so quickly! Amazing support.

  • ❤️

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