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trouble sending midi cc from Nurack (4 Pockets) in Aum. Any help?

I was trying and trying to set up a simple LFO modulator with a CC generator in Nurack and send it to a synth in AUM using midi learn. It just wouldn't send the the data and connect, even though it recognized Nurack as a connected midi processor . I'm probably missing something simple in the connection chain and it is bugging me that I can't figure it out . Oddly when the LFO is assigned to the cc generator the knob turns accordingly with the modulation , however , when I add a cc monitor in Nurack after in the chain I see no data being sent . Any help on this midi LFO dilemma would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  • On the CC generator, there are 3 columns. In each column, the top knob sets the CC #, the bottom knob sets the CC value.
    Set the CC # manually to the CC you want to use, connect the LFO to the CC value to get the value to change over time.
    This should get the midi monitor to respond. Connecting Nurack to the synth app can be done a couple different ways, depending on the synth and whether you are connecting using IAA or AU. If connecting Nurack to the synth app is unclear, add some more info about that and I can try to help.

  • yes , it was a simple error on my part . I was assigning the LFO modulator to the CC # of CC1(which I thought was the CC value of CC#1 , as I was confusing the value knobs below as "amount" that I would just adjust manually . So thanks for pointing out the obvious for me, I really appreciate it .

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    You’re welcome.
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