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[SOLVED] Minimoog Model D: problem with retrigger and legato

Hi, I’m still fairly new to synthesizers, so maybe I’m just not understanding how things work. I found some peculiar behavior when using the patch “Field Agent” under the expansion bank “Sonic Mayhem 2”. Switching from Legato to Retrigger mode seems to change the envelope quite a bit. Can anyone explain what’s happening here, preferably someone who’s also bought this expansion bank? Thanks.


  • Also, I’m only using the on-screen keyboard, and velocity & aftertouch aren’t set to anything.

  • edited May 2023

    Nevermind, I understand what’s happening now. The extremely low cutoff frequency made me think that there was barely any amp release, when in fact it just wasn’t audible due to being filtered out. So in legato mode, the envelope never got reset between notes because the (inaudible) release was actually 15 seconds long, which made it seem like the attack knob wasn’t doing anything.

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