Effects routing

Be nice to be able to run different inputs to different effects slots. Tonight I downloaded little midi, built a sequence, setup iFretless, routed to Ampkit (Ashdown), then set Animoog as an input and sequenced it. Animoog then also routed through Ampkit which I did not want. Even just a by-pass effects for a particular input would be useful.

If this already available and I missed it I'll be happily embarrassed.


  • I, too, would like to be happily embarrassed, though I really don't think this is available yet.

  • We requested this a couple months ago, right after AB launch. I believe it's on their to-do list. :-)

  • Ryan is right. We've still got a few other things on our list before we can tackle this but it'll most likely be done as part of a bigger update.

  • I thank you, sir!

    visions of a virtual mixer dance across the stage

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