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Midi Messenger - New free app

edited April 2023 in App Development

[from website] This plugin came to life as an answer to the lack of MIDI processors for iOS. One of us needed to send Bank/Program Change messages when a project was loaded in AUM, and the only solution for this task appeared to be writing hexadecimal codes in StreamByter. That didn't feel right. So here it is. By the way, it's also available for macOS as an Audio Unit.


  • Doesn't sound like this guy has heard of Mozaic :-) But this could be a good free alternative for Streambyter or Mozaic scripts such as my recent one to send a delayed Midi panic after host stop as an extra precaution against hung notes.

  • Awesome. Free Au is my forte. Lol. Cheers @Pxlhg

  • Great find! And certainly much easier to use than Mozaic or Streambyter.

    Could also be quite useful for integrating MIDI controllers that require SysEx. If the host passes them on, that is πŸ˜…

  • Looks cool not being a midi head would need to see the u tube videos promised first to get started.

  • @Poppadocrock said:
    Awesome. Free Au is my forte. Lol. Cheers @Pxlhg

    "FREE AU IS MY FORTE" should be the official motto of the ABF. β˜οΈπŸ™‚πŸ‘

  • edited April 2023

    It's a fantastically idiotic name they have come up with (Wrong Instruments). Make a search with the intention to find them and all you will get is broken ... instruments and how to fix them😁🀣

    Anyway here's a link to their web presence, which is pretty sparse right now.

  • This looks ace, thanks @Pxlhg.

  • Cool! Will definitely be handy.

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