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record stereo with new iPhones

edited April 17 in Hardware

it seems that new iPhones (11+?!)
can record stereo via 2 mics in the body of the iphone.
you can hear it if you set the camera app to record a video...
how can we record stereo with any other app
or is there any simple audio recorder app on iOS that
can record stereo using internal mics?!


( tape it can record stereo
but is crazy expensive...


  • edited April 18

    Tape It looks great, but that €50 annual subscription is putting me off too. Maybe Ferrite can do stereo recording?

    Edit: yes it does

  • @mistercharlie said:
    Tape It looks great, but that €50 annual subscription is putting me off too. Maybe Ferrite can do stereo recording?

    The website says try it for free and there’s another option for $25 a year. Not sure what the difference is. Either way, that’s far too much for me.

  • my point is:
    if Tape It can do it, other apps can do this too...
    (using 2 out of 3 iPhone mics...)

  • @waka_x Did you see my answer? Ferrite does this

  • mistercharlie:
    I tried and yes it does:)
    thank you !
    ( *its aac only not wav but still good :)

  • 👍

    It also does lossless, ALAC and CAF I think. Maybe that’s only if you buy the pro upgrade though

  • mistercharlie:
    tried the menu.
    switching to CAF is free :)
    so this is iT!:)

  • AUM have input select (on iPad Pro 4-th gen I can choose which mics to use) and can record hi quality.

  • Maybe I’m off topic, but with an audio interface connected to iPhone you can use any audio app and have a stereo recording

  • edited April 18

    sure, and if needed stereo buildin mic recording then aum can do it directly without additional hardware (but each time you open aum there is need for select choosen mics if they arent default)

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