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12.9” for Aging Eyes?

Wasn’t sure where to put this, apologies if I guessed wrong.

I’m a latecomer to iPad music making at 75, and bought my first iPad a year ago. Love the iPad 9th, but some apps are hard on aging eyes. Between tiny fonts, cramped controls, and low-contrast color schemes, eye strain is an issue.

I’m thinking about one of the 12.9” machines, and would love to get input on how much difference it makes. Do things like Fundamental and Thermo scale well? I guess what I’m asking is, how much does the larger display contribute to usability?

Any advice from personal experience greatly appreciated!


  • It’s bigger, it makes a difference. However, I suspect what you want to know is if it makes enough of a difference. That I can’t answer for you, it helps in my case, but I still wear reading glasses when using it…

  • Yes, you can make things bigger. Fundamental is still wonky though.

  • If you haven’t already, check Settings>Accessibility>Display & Text Sizes. There are a lot of things that may help in there. I have to use some on my iPhone, as well as reading glasses for a lot of apps.

  • For what it’s worth @seawind161 I just bought a new iPad to upgrade my older 12.9”. Thought I would get the 11” Pro because the 12.9” can be kind of heavy and hard to hold at times, but I ended up returning and exchanging the 11” for another 12.9” based almost entirely on how much smaller everything appeared (even after adjusting font sizes and such). For vision, those extra 2” make a huge difference. Note that it may negatively impact your ability to hold the device comfortably for a long time, but a good case and/or stand will go a long way toward mitigating that. Good luck!

  • If Apple ever makes a 16" iPad Pro, I'll be ready to throw my money at them.

  • I’ll be 75 in July with some eye issues. My 12.9 helps a lot with Cubasis, which is where I spend most of my music time. I use an 11’ for everything else.

  • Belated thanks to all. I went with the 12.9” and am absolutely happy with it. Made a LOT of difference.

  • You're never too old to start producing on an iPad. I'm glad the 12.9" is working out well for you. :) Which apps are you using @seawind161 if I may ask?

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