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Passage (Bome Network, Orchestral Essentials 2, Omnisphere, Lores)

This is a music track that I improvised on two MIDI keyboards connected to an iPad.

I used Bome Network software to send the iPad's MIDI notes to Bitwig Studio running on a desktop PC. There the MIDI was routed to ProjectSam's Orchestral Essentials 2 for the choir, as well as to Omnisphere and Lores for the background instruments.

After bringing the audio recording into Vegas Pro, I applied the Lurssen Mastering Console plug-in to the audio mix.

It's titled Passage.


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    Very good, indeed. Wonderful video when pushed to full screen. Top notch and makes the point. Good to hear you post.

  • Hypnotic and very creative video.
    The accompanying music is a perfect paring, love the ethereal vibe, and quite serene and relaxing.
    I am enjoying this superb production!!!
    Love this.

  • Thanks, @LinearLineman and @ReneAsologuitar. Much appreciated.

    @LinearLineman said:
    Good to hear you post.

    I wasn't sure I still wanted to do music after being shaken with loss. Turns out the urge to create can be strong.

  • Yes, it’s creating is often independent of circumstances We feel guilty because life must go on positively if it’s to be worth living. We can feel we don’t deserve that. But if we’re reasonably good we do.

  • Soothing and uplifting… glad you’re still posting 🙏

  • Very nice one David. I wish you strength in handling your loss. Why run your keyboards through ios if not using an ios app?

  • Thanks,@GeoTony and @Wrlds2ndBstGeoshredr. Much appreciated.

    @Wrlds2ndBstGeoshredr said:
    Why run your keyboards through ios if not using an ios app?

    More laziness than anything else.

    Since I'm mostly doing desktop. I recently reworked the setup, so that the two keyboards now plug directly into BitWig Studio.

    I may still use Bome Network to link TC-Data into the desktop instruments.

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