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crackling noise when connecting mic via Irig2 to iPad

HI, I am connecting my Sure 58 via the Irig2 to my iPad, in order to use Loopy Pro. After that out to an amplifier. But aside from recording my voice, I get persistent crackling noises that seems to somehow be connected to the Irig2. I have tried several cables and mics, also different amp systems. My voice records fine if I sing directly into the internal mic of the iPad. Any suggestions?


  • What hardware are you running on?

    Can you post an example of the crackling noises?

    If you mute the input and load a sample, does it play back ok?

    Have you tried different sample rates and buffer sizes?

    What do the levels look like?

    Are you sure the iRig 2 can handle a mic input well?

  • edited March 2023

    Sounds like a buffer or sample rate issue. Set your buffer to 128 or 256 samples. Set your sample rate to 48k (mostly because iOS audio on newer devices defaults to 48k). After that, close all apps and unplug your iRig to start fresh….

    1. Plug in Irig
    2. Open Loopy Pro
    3. See if that fixes your problem
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