Garage Band strikes again :)

edited August 2014 in Creations

Here's my latest. Done with Garage Band. I've imported from iTunes "The Messenger" by A New Funky Generation and built on top of it. Afterwards I deleted the sample and all you hear is GB instruments and loops. I really wish they make it more powerful when they launch iOS8.

With all the fuss about music making on their latest video, I'm sure they'll give it more attention.


  • Awesome. I must be getting old :-) because I would never have come up with the idea to build on another song like that. Very cool.

  • Lovely funkiness! Nice one

  • Cool.
    I've messed around a little with doing just that... running several separate audio tracks in GB on the iPhone 5 can run you into memory problems, so since I love to sequence I don't mind redoing it with GB & cut the memory hogging... some. And I could get rid of some more apps... :-(

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