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[email protected] / Module American D

edited March 21 in Creations

Not talked about very much these days, Korg Modulr American D is quite a good iOS piano
Module American D, and Kaypro Orchestra


  • Whenit comes to piano, Mike is the Man!!!
    iOS Piano King, and excellent melody maker!!!
    You are so loved, and so appreciated.
    This recording is so nostalgic, indeed.
    I love these classic sounds!!!
    Thank you for this beauty!!!

  • GPT4, please create a response to a @Linearlineman creation:

    Mike… you really are a treasure for lover’s of jazz and the American Songbook. This one reminded me of some of the greats:
    George Shearing, Bill Evans and the inimitable André Previn. Your use of arpeggios used as punctuations set this one apart from your usual stream of consciousness style. Please keep providing more data for a new service I will be offering in the fall for royalty free music suitable for background music at hospital infusion clinics.

  • Thanks, as always @ReneAsologuitar
    @McD, Who responded to what? Who is GPT4? This sounds like the humor font, alright. Btw, my music has regularly been played at funerals and in ICUs. Infusions of jazz are proven placebos.

  • @LinearLineman GPT4 is the most recent artificial intelligence ChatBot. These ChatBot’s can create excellent clusters of text based on perceived rules and patterns in massive amounts of digested data. They can imitate the text style of someone public that has a large body of public works.

    But these chat bots are riddle with errors because they haven’t gotten to the point where the app can fact check itself. In this case the inclusion of Andre Previn as a “jazz great”. Listing greats I also avoided any black musicians to show that these chat bots assume the biases of the dominant majority.

    Carry on.

  • You truly bring out the beauty of the sound of piano and strings. This definitely brings about feelings of nostalgia. More great music.

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