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Stop Following Action sound issue


I would like to use the Stop Following Action with this simple config:

  • Global Clip Settings:

    • Play/Stop Quantization: Master (1 bar)
    • Tap Solo This Clip (instead of default Start/Stop)
  • Clip A: set to Loop

  • Clip B: set to Play Once, with a Following Action on Stop to Solo clip A

Clip A is my main loop, clip B is used as a break, once complete, it switches back to clip A. So now I play it and press clip B, then before the end:

My Concern:

  • Option 1: Not using the Following Action, and press manually Clip A: 1st record on the top of the picture. Next to the cursor the BassDrum of the 2nd bar (beginning of Clip A) is fine.
  • Option 2: Using Following Action: 2nd record on the bottom of the picture. The few first milli seconds are not played, and the BassDrum sound (beat 1) is truncated :(

Audio tracks are also attached.

Of course here I would like to avoid to touch Clip A, and use option 2, but the audio result is not as good as option 1.

Is that something that can be fixed, or maybe my configuration is wrong?
(I also tried with Start Clip A, instead of Solo Clip A as Stop Follow Action, but the result is the same)

Please advise.



  • Could you possibly make a screen recording (and upload to YouTube or similar as unlisted and post a link here) showing the setup and then demonstrating the problem? Seeing what is happening and the settings can be helpful.

  • Hi

    Ok will add a video. Can even attach the full project.

  • I recorded a short video showing my issue. Sorry about sound quality, but not sure how to record audio and video... btw the audio recorded alone are already attached to my first message.

    Also attached the full project, if it can help.

  • @chris973 : i am not able to hear the issue in that video. you can screen record from the device on which loopy is running and it will capture the audio directly rather than through the mic. do a web search for "screen record iphone" for directions.

    If you remove the solo clip gesture, does the issue still happen?

    btw, you can make the clips mutually exclusive, by making them a group and setting the one clip at a time property.

  • edited March 21


    Ok, I uploaded a second video with better sound (sorry forgot to disable the mic, get some noise each time I touch the screen).

    I simplified the demo and use a simple drum kick sound. Even on the video we can clearly hear this time that the beginning of the kick sound is missing in the Orange clip... when the Follow Action is used. Just few millisecond but transition is really not smooth (@ 4'04 and 4'17 in the video)

    When Follow Action is not used it works perfectly fine.

    I'm using this time the group feature instead of solo as suggested, but issue is the same.

    Attached the Sample file used in the demo.

    Please let me know if it is now more clear.

  • hi @espiegel123, are you able to hear it in last video?

  • Unfortunately I won’t be in a position to check this out for a few days.

    @Michael ?

    Btw, do look into how to screen recording in the device itself. It is simple to do and the audio will be better.

  • edited March 31

    In my case screen recording gives video/audio un-sync result, not useful. But in the 2nd video I recorded directly the audio in LogicX, cannot be better...

    Btw as workaround I'm no more using the Stop Following Action... but the Start Following Action with two actions:

    • a fake 'Nudge Last Tapped Clip Volume' to +0 (means no action). It includes a nice Ramp setting in ms. I'm using this to delay the next action. Need to adjust the delay according the clip duration, example clip is 2 sec, I put Ramp to 1,75.
    • Solo the desired clip

    A little cumbersome, but it works, at the end of the clip it Solo the next desired clip.

    Maybe in the future, the Stop Action will be improved with a pre-delay trigger :)

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