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MIDI CC triggered URL Scheme: is MIDI Designer the (only) solution?

I have a situation where I want a button on my midi controller to activate an app's URL scheme to bring it to the front, specifically BandHelper (BH). Currently I setup BH with an audio strip in AUM connected to BH's recordings and use AUM's midi control to map the CC message to bring BH to focus which works, but only if BH happens to have an audio recording for every song. If I change to a song without a recording in BH, BH and AUM often lose their connection. I'd like to have this independent of AUM so I don't have the channel strip in AUM for BH, which I don't otherwise need.

From what I can see the only freestanding MIDI app that can activate app URL schemes is MIDI Designer (MD) which I've not used but seems amazing. However for this single use problem it may be overkill. So I have two questions:

1) Is there any other freestanding iPad app that could map a CC message to an app URL scheme?
(Note: it can't be a plugin in AUM as I may be loading a fresh AUM session with each song change)

2) Can anyone with MD experience confirm that (before forking out $35) in MD I'll be able to map a hardware CC to a control in MD that then activates the BH ULR scheme in the background (and yes, BH does have a URL scheme). I won't actually be using MD as a MIDI controller, though I'm sure once I have it I'll find myriad uses for it)



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