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Seek Timeline, Signature & Update Tempo questions


I'm exploring all LP features, and looks like this is a great app. I'm trying to import a full backing track and would love to use the Seek Timeline assigned to few buttons to jump to verse, chorus...

Using a single clip (with Play Once) allows to play it linear by default. This is the ideal case when all works fine with the band. I have then just to start the playback and focus on my piano part, no other action required on the app during the song.

But my guitarist likes to extend sometime the solo part (or starts to late :))... So the idea would be to assign few buttons with Seek Timeline gesture to jump easily to other part of the song (verse1, chorus, verse2, solo....)

Have you already used to app in this way?

My concern is that the song tempo is not linear, the signature is mainly 6/8 but in two places a single 9/8 bar is inserted...

My questions:
1. The Seek Timeline is designed to seek on bar, but here my master tempo is not in sync with the clip. I have zero chance to set the position to the beginning of a verse for example. How this can be achieved?
2. Ideally I would need to define a kind of tempo map in the sequencer. Is this possible?
3. What is the 'Update Tempo - Keep bar duration constant' option ? Is this not always the case?



  • Hey Chris. I think you might be better off splitting the track up into separate components and then putting them in a ”one at a time” playgroup so that you can switch between the sections by tapping on them. If you make sure that phase lock is off, you should be fine with the different lengths

  • thanks that's a good solution. Adding a Follow Action on each clip should also help to predefine the default sequence!

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