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Dystonia / not for sensitive ears

edited March 18 in Creations

Pls play loud eith phones. This will be a long 3:47~.
Aparillo, Addictive Synth, Digitalism2000, Galileo2 and Rock Drummer.


  • Very dramatic, and quite cinematic.
    You know how to capture listener attention, Mike!!!
    This is a superb creation, very captivating.
    I am trapped, and enjoying the moment!!!
    Simply beautiful and very crafty!

  • Hurts so good!

  • Thanks @ReneAsologuitar and @Paulieworld. Ikm still hoping to get the ultimate Cthonic review from @Svetlovska.

  • Waaaaaaat diiiiid yoooooooou saaaaay?

  • edited March 21

    @LinearLineman : your wish is my command ;)

    This must be what the young people mean when they call a song a banger, no? ;) Envious of some of those massive gates-of-hell slamming impacts… Very dramatic stuff.

    Seeing the swooping aerial shots over the cursed armies’ foundries and workshops already, as they prepare for the final confrontation. The buried organ makes me think of In A Gadda Da Vida, could have heard more of that, a similar sense of dark intensity…

    Incidentally, the best use of that track has to be in Michael Mann’s superb original movie version of Mamhunter, (Brian Cox is the best Lecter, obvs) as the killer Dollarhyde stalks his final victim…

  • @CracklePot, I sayid it waaas LOUD!!
    @Svetlovska, thx for listening. I recommend DRC for such cacophonies.

  • This didn’t feel long. It felt EPIC! Loving the cinematic sound of this.

  • Just mopping up a few tracks that I missed and blimey, that was a bit different!
    Having listened to a few of yours tonight can you explain again what your secret is with the Lumbeat apps?
    I can never get them sounding as natural / responsive to the rest of the music as you do 😊

  • Thanks @MadeofWax i appreciate your ears, bro.

    @GeoTony i have the best results with Lumbeats that have the xy pad. That gives me the flexibility to improvise along with the track. Instruments first, drums after, always. I also have a lot of luck with 2x the same Lumbeat track. I stagger the second and that gives me access to a more complex part when needed. Mostly, I feel lucky with the serendipities that happen. Hope that helps!

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