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Aum midi clock sync issue with desktop

has anyone been having any issues with the clock sync in Aum

normally i use
abelton link sync to sync the tempo on both Cubase Pro on my macbook. and Aum on ipad.

however lately. i can have the tempo set in Cubase pro in my laptop at 90bpm. but
the tempo in Aum is like 260 bpm. is anyone else having this issue?


  • You mention midi clock but then say you're using Link. Those are two separate and conflicting things. So unless that's a miscommunication, if you're using both at the same time that could be the issue.

  • It seems more likely that you just jumbled the two together since AUM doesn't accept midi clock.

    Are you sure both are on the same WiFi network?

  • so i have Cubase
    on my desktop. and then running Aum on my ipad, and I have Midilinksync app running i. the background. and the abelton links in Aum synced up to the Midilinksync app.
    yeah it
    definitely doing something weird.

  • so maybe i need to find just find another abelton link compatible app and have it running off to the side just to help sync the clock between computer and app. is there. list
    of abelton link compatible app?

  • i figured it out. it was just me. had a midi clock loop doubling back on its self. fixxed it and it works fine now

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