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CC# Issue

Hello. I have assigned a cc# in the hammond app and when running with audiobus the cc# is not in sync. I have tried to assign the cc# running hammond with audiobus but once I re-launch the cc# changes. Why?

Video Link Here


  • Hi. There are two different ways to use MIDI CCs to control AUv3 parameters.

    • Configure the CC inside the app and route MIDI from the controller to the app.
    • Configure the CC to control the named AUv3 parameter using Audiobus' MIDI Learn functionality. You must then direct the controller MIDI to MIDI Learn under System in Audiobus.

    The two methods are independent, and you could even (confusingly) use them both.

    Could you please be more specific about exactly what you're doing, and what you see? Have you saved an Audiobus preset with the configuration? What do you mean by "relaunch"?

    Which "hammond app"? Is it possible that the hammond app is not saving the MIDI configuration in its AUv3 state?

  • Thank you for the reply, uncledave.

    I believe I am attempting the first option.

    • Configure the CC inside the app and route MIDI from the controller to the app.

    I included a screen video of what is happing. That may help explain exactly what's going on.

    The app is hammond b-3x.

    When I run the app independently the CC# is saved as I saved it, when I open the app in Audiobus the CC# is factory set.

    I can adjust the CC# in the app once opened with Audiobus but once I "relaunch" (quit app & reopen) the CC# change resets.

    Unfortunately I don't have solid grasp on what AUv3 is. That bit went over my head.

    Please let me know if the screen video attached in the first post is working, it may explain what's going on better than I have.

    Thank you for your time.

  • When you open the app in Audiobus, do you select it from the "Audio Units" column, as I've shown, or from the "Apps" column? The Audio Unit is like a plug-in, quite tightly integrated with Audiobus. The App option runs the app separately (it appears in the iOS App Switcher) and communicates with it using the older Inter-App Audio (IAA) protocol.

    OK, I looked at your video. When you configure the stand-alone Hammond app, it is automatically saving the MIDI map. When you open Audiobus and load the AUv3, you're getting a clean copy of the app every time. There's no magical saving of the last configuration, as there is for the stand-alone.

    The usual way of working with AUv3s in Audiobus is to load them, configure them, and save an Audiobus preset. Then, to come back to it, open Audiobus and load the preset. That should restore the entire configuration of the previous session. If it does not, then that's a problem for the Hammond app devs.

    You might also see if the Hammond app lets you save the MIDI configuration (often called a MIDI map). If it does, you might be able to restore it in the AUv3.

  • Aha! Thank you uncledave!

    I figured it was something very simple I was missing, I appreciate your explanation.

    I've never worked with software instruments until now. Currently only using Audiobus to run mp3 and websites simultaneously with the app itself since the stand-alone plays audio from one app at a time.

    Thanks again for your help!

  • Hi walnut,
    I am having the same problem. Can you tell me what was the „simple“ step you were missing? Thanks!

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