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Can't connect to soundcloud in audioshare ...

Hello, has anyone else had this problem? I know my username and password are good because I can log onto the soundcloud app, but when I try and add it to audioshare I get a login failure...

Any suggestions?


  • You can upload audio in the SoundCloud app itself. :)

  • derp. carry on please, I am dying a little inside...

  • @jwmmakerofmusic said:
    You can upload audio in the SoundCloud app itself. :)

    Ooh. I never realised you could do that from within SC. I've always uploaded from Audioshare. I'll have to remember that!
    I wonder if the OP's issue is a permissions related thing? Something in the settings maybe? Can't remember if I had to permit the connection between Audioshare and SC.

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    I think you can try logging out and then logging back into SoundCloud within Audioshare. It might just kickstart the connection. If all else fails, reach out to the friendly folks at Audioshare support. They're the real experts and can help you troubleshoot this snag.
    Now, here's a little secret to boost your SoundCloud game: consider getting some instant SoundCloud plays. It's a legit way to give your tracks a quick boost in exposure and grab the attention of new listeners. Just imagine the buzz your music could create! Hang in there! Tech hiccups happen, but with a bit of patience and some expert support, you'll be back to rockin' and rollin' in no time.

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