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Loopy Pro and Blocs Wave

edited March 11 in Loopy Pro


Would it be possible to export the 8 x 6 sessions from Blocs Wave into Loopy Pro so they could be used in the same way?
Also would it be possible to set up more tracks and scenes so there could be 16 or 32 tracks and 12 or 18 scenes respectively?
Instead of importing the tracks and scenes, can Blocs Wave be used as an AU3 within Loopy Pro to do the same thing?

Blocs Waves is a great app but it would be useful to have more tracks and/or scenes. I know it was designed for simplicity but incorporating it with Loopy Pro could possibly make it even more flexible.

Thank you



  • BlocsWave doesn’t have an AUv3. The Blocs Wave app can be connected to Loopy Pro by launching it and adding it to loopy pro’s mixer as an Inter App Audio application.

    Loopy can import audio files. You can export audio from BlocsWave and import it into Loopy Pro.

    Loopy doesn’t have a limit on the number of clips or scenes.

  • Ok, thank you for the info.

  • If BW can export audio to the clipboard (it probably can, either via audio copy, or just via the share panel, and select copy), then you can import from the clipboard into LP, which will save a bit of time.

  • I think for moving a bunch of files from blocs wave, export "project files" from Blocs Wave, unzipping the project file and drag/drop into loopy will be fastest. You would probably want to pre-configure your Loopy project so that it is pre-organized for what you want to drop into it.

    If you have the project set up in rows, you can drag a row of clips into Loopy at a time so that things stay organized as you go.

  • As a proof of concept, I just moved the loops from a 6 section Blocs Wave project into a pre-configured Loopy project (6 rows of 8 clips) and it took less than five minutes. BW exported 28 loops -- it will export a loop for each clip in a section even though some of those loops may be the same as loops from other sections.

  • Thank you all for your input, it’s much appreciated.

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