My first attempt in Music Studio: orchestral metal

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I have made my first piece of music in Music Studio.

It is only a rough and short idea, but I'd like to receive your constructive feedback. Please bear in mind that it hasn't been properly mixed yet. All of the instruments are sample based and all of them (except 2 which come with Music Studio) were made by myself (samples were taken from various soundfonts, including the Chamberlin soundfont cobbled up by Paul B. thanks mate!). The intruments are available for download in the Music Studio Forum:

More info on the instruments used can be found here:


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    If this is a short idea, I'd like to hear the finish...Love specially the final mix (0:30 - 0:50)

  • @fjcblanco Thanks! I'll do my best to finish it in the coming time. I'll post the final result here.

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