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Signal Beyond Space And Time / The free NUMA Piano

edited February 25 in Creations

Praise is due the NUMA piano. Especially at the price.

This time NUMA with SWAM Alto Flute and Euphonium, and BeatHawk Total Bass.


  • Nice. Those chords!

  • Those lovely chords. Very nice!
    Piano Man - you are so creative, and so magical.
    You seems to be angry as you slam your fingers on the keys, but the magic of your progressions melt all the angst and keeps the mellow signal is definitely beyond any space and/;or time.
    And then the sax, delivers the serenity blow, and gives me the knockdown punch - game over.
    Simply beautiful!!!
    Love this!

  • Thx for the listen @Paulieworld. Looking forward to your next MoW collab!
    Your description is very perceptive and intuitive @ReneAsologuitar. You’re describing the current circ very accurately. Thank you for the kind attentions, my friend.

  • Chord progression magic happening here that I can't hope to understand. It works beautifully though and I loved this.

  • Late as usual but some things are worth waiting for 😊
    +1 what @belldu said…

  • Thank you both for listening @belldu and @GeoTony. Appreciated.

  • I just finished listening to a banquet of pianos and NUMA sounds thin by comparison.

    But the piano playing here is some of your most interesting for me… full and moving. Lovely tribute to your lost love.

  • Beautiful! The only piano first part makes me feel like I'm in a elegant B&W silent film, then the colors arrive with the SWAM flute and Euphonium that "take me out of the screen" to travel here and there... thanks for this very nice trip 🙏🏻👍🏻🤗

  • Another beauty!

  • Thank you @McD @Wrlds2ndBstGeoshredr. And thanks for the lovely description @Gratouilli. I appreciate that very much.

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