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Loose Leaf

edited February 2023 in Creations

Improvised, as always Maybe @JanKun would like to write lyrics to this one.


  • edited February 2023

    Enjoying those spicy chords, on the edge of dissonance. Wish I had the technical chops to know what you are doing, but you keep throwing my expectations for a loop with the final notes at the end of a phrase. They are never what I expected. So it must be jazz ;)

    P.S: And I definitely wasn’t expecting drums!

  • Nice mood once again @LinearLineman. The second half is super cool.

  • @Svetlovska thanks. Indeed, it must be jazz In truthfulness, I don’t know what’s coming next either.
    Thx @jo92346 I liked the drums, too.

  • It starts as 'game over' music, and could see the leaf floating down as I pondered what had led to this outcome. I too loved the intro of the drums and the strings as well.

  • Simply lovely!
    The looseness of this creation is truly relaxing.
    Piano beauty is so nice, especially under your creativity and musicality, @LinearLineman !!!
    You are an artist!!!
    Love this beauty!!!

  • Thanks for the kind praise @belldu and @ReneAsologuitar Very much appreciated!

  • Nice one, Mike. It influenced the piece I’m working on now.

  • I wait to hear your track @Paulieworld. Thanks, mate.

  • To not know whats coming next but have a high degree of certainty that it’s going to pretty good must be a lovely feeling 😊
    It does lend itself to some lovely vocals from one of the many excellent vocalists we have here 🎤
    Great track !

  • @GeoTony actually I don’t have what you would call confidence. I can only describe it as will. If I have the will I can play. If not, I can’t.

    What’s great about midi is that I can take the pressure off of wanting perfection. My improvisations usually have greater or fewer flaws. Before midi I would just accept it as the best I could do. Often it worked out and I played something good.

    With midi editing and other tricks I can create finished product above my pay grade. I was always fearless, but knowing now I can kill the notes and usually be able to salvage it… that gives me a higher percentage of successful tracks (to my ears, anyway)…. abd, in that context, more confidence.

  • Great one sir! Can you give us a quick rundown of the apps you used? Thank you!

  • @Montreal_Music thanks, bro. House Mark1, NSK2, Korg Module, SoftDrummer.

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