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Recording from Patterning to MIDI Tape Recorder

Using Audiobus 3, I have Patterning in an Audio channel playing a loop that I’d like to record as MIDI into MIDI Tape Recorder, which I have loaded into the bottom (or, “out” slot) spot of the MIDI channel.

In the top slot of the MIDI channel I have what I suppose is the virtual MIDI bridge function which audiobus has automatically created and entitled “Patterning”. Very intuitive and quick to set up, and, when I open MTR, there are lights that flash in time with the beat coming out of Patterning. So far so good, nice.

However, here’s the problem: the Record button (the Play button also) doesn’t make the MTR record the pattern, it does nothing in fact. Does anyone here have experience working with these 2 apps or know what I need to do to get the MTR to record Patterning’s MIDI output?


  • @WaltMidi : in patterning, you have to enable midi out (or Both) for each ring of the kit.

  • Check: I made sure to do that, first thing.

  • Can you post screenshots of all the relevant setup screens in Patterning 2 and Audiobus? Midi out is working fine for me in Patterning 2, but it takes setup in a few places.

  • It seems unintuitive, but what I needed to do to make it work was to turn off "Follow host transport" in MTR settings. I then armed a track and pressed the Rec button in MTR. Finally, I pressed the Audiobus play button. Patterning started, MTR started and recorded.

    With "Follow host transport" enabled, pressing the AudioBus play button turned off record and turned on Play in MTR, making it so I couldn't record.

  • i recommend getting midi monitor AUv3 such as Streambyter to look at the midi audiobus is sending out. it took me a minute initially to realize that i had only turned on midi for one ring of the kit

  • Uhh…yet another Homer “D’oh!” moment: I FORGOT TO ENABLE RECORD FOR ANY OF THE 4 AVAILABLE MTR TRACKS! :s Problem solved B) You guys are excellent, I am absentminded dumbass. Thank you (1st time poster, long time visitor)

  • Glad you got it sorted

  • edited February 2023

    Yep. Thanks for the Streambyter suggestion. That looks like it could definitely be useful.

  • @WaltMidi said:
    Yep. Thanks for the Streambyter suggestion. That looks like it could definitely be useful.

    I can't tell you how many times a midi monitor has helped me figure out why something wasn't working.

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