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Solved: Simple one knob DJ style filter app for live filter sweeps?

edited February 2023 in App Tips and Tricks


Can anyone recommend a big dumb full range filter knob app I can live tweak and midi record the motion of, to create the effect of a DJ filter sweep? I basically want to run it in AUM over a running File Player loop, live tweak, and then have that motion captured by something like Atom so it is replicable. I have a number of filter apps which might do the job, but none with a big performance friendly knob. And Filtatron has gone to the Apple graveyard, sadly…


  • Popsicle FX lets you record the motion in the app I think with an XY pad for doing live which might be nicer / more tactile than a knob.

  • Do you own Drambo?
    I'd be happy to build such a super simple one knob plugin for you.

  • Not sure I’ve understood the request…there’s a filter sweep built into AUM…the free Blamsoft filter has a big graph you can sweep finger around for freq and res

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    Gotta love this place! Thanks, all, for the suggestions, and @rs2000 for the kind offer. The prize goes to @FastGhost, for reminding me about Popsicle, which I bought ages ago and had been auto-dumped off my iPad. Re downloaded it, and the motion recorder was exactly what I was after. Solved!

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