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Loopy Pro Update Version 1.0.37

edited February 7 in Loopy Pro

In the last time, I have problems with downloading this information from the App Store.

I only got data from 1.0.36 and added the new line manually:

App "Loopy Pro: Looper DAW Sampler"

Developer: A Tasty Pixel

Minimum OS Version: 12.0
Universal: Yes
Price: Free


Loopy Pro is a live-looper. And a sampler. And a sequencer. And a very capable AUv3 Audio Unit host. And a DAW. And an AUv3 Audio Unit.

You get the idea. Loopy Pro is deep. But it's also designed to be friendly, and a great deal of fun.

You can set up Loopy Pro to work however you do, with features like hands-free looping with count-in, count-out and automatic loop detection; or "free" looping, where you can choose on-the-fly how long to make loops. There's even retrospective recording, where you can lock in a loop after the fact.

There's extensive MIDI controller support, including built-in support for the Launchpad, the APC40 mk2 and the MIDI Fighter Twister, and effortless MIDI Learn for setting up your controllers.

You can also drag-and-drop audio straight onto loops in Loopy Pro, with sophisticated tempo and pitch adjustments, and use Loopy Pro as a clip launcher, with all kinds of options for song sectioning.

The built-in mixer lets you set up insert and send effects for every channel in your project, and load AUv3 Audio Unit instruments, effects, and MIDI sequencers.

And there's a built-in sequencer, for arranging songs, and even performing them live, totally automated and hands-free.

There's also a great deal still to come.

So, what are you reading this for? Go take Loopy Pro for a spin – there's a 7-day free trial just waiting for you.

Have fun!

  • Michael

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Loopy Pro's Pricing Structure:

Loopy Pro has a pricing structure that mimics the classic desktop software model, in order to enable continued development:

• A 7-Day Free Trial, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.
• A one-off In-App Purchase to buy the app: to keep, forever.
– This gets you permanent access to all current features, and all those added in the following 12 months.
– It also gets you bug and compatibility fixes for the lifetime of the app.
• A completely optional "Upgrade" In-App Purchase, available any time from 12 months after initial purchase, to buy the latest features and all those released in the following 12 months, to keep forever. Upgrade once, or every year, or just when there's a new feature you want, or never upgrade after the initial purchase – it's completely up to you. And you keep what you buy, forever.
• This will allow Loopy Pro to continue evolving for years to come, while letting me support my family.

If you can’t afford Loopy Pro, please reach out to [email protected]

RELEASE NOTES: Version 1.0.37

See what's coming next in Loopy Pro, help guide development and follow specific features at LP's roadmap:

  • Fixed issue with final overdub layer being removed upon ending overdub.

Version 1.0.36

  • Added “Loops play independently” mode for play groups
  • Added “State Saving” options for Audio Unit: Save whole project, or just project reference (to avoid memory issues with huge projects)
  • Added Link phase indicator to clock/tempo button when not running
  • Empty tracks (colours, with no clips in them) will now load presets properly, do monitoring thru, etc
  • Increased max retro record buffer duration
  • Fixed pick-up controller mode
  • Fixed some memory leaks that could cause app slowdown after a while
  • Fixed an issue with "Remember playback state" option for play actions
  • Fixed a waveform analyser issue causing slow display
  • Don’t send MIDI feedback after just receiving corresponding message, to avoid jitter
  • Tweaked relative CC detection
  • Apply Phase Correction after loop recording even when Length Quantization off, when appropriate
  • Fixed some glitches associated with "Round to nearest BPM" setting
  • Fixed spurious MIDI/Link clock start when tapping tempo/etc
  • Fixed missing “Stop” follow action for one-shots, when reaching end of playback
  • Made “Ignore Timestamps” the default for MIDI controllers
  • Fixed Launchpad/etc colours for bound widget actions
  • Fixed a couple of intro recording issues
  • Fixed timing inaccuracy with consecutive sequencer segments when first segment causes record
  • Fixed issue where armed sequence tracks could stop too soon during playback


  • Yep, .37 doesn’t really need an update announcement on its own – it was just a very small fix

  • tjatja
    edited February 7

    @Michael said:
    Yep, .37 doesn’t really need an update announcement on its own – it was just a very small fix

    Yes, but I could not get the text for .36 before 😅
    So I jumped on the opportunity 🤗

  • Hehe cool

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