Demo of TC-Data and Alchemy Mobile with desktop Steamworx patch

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Using Alchemy Mobile (Musical Box patch) and AudioReverb (Large Concert Hall) running through Audiobus. TC-Data is set to the Drag Echoes preset.

Unfortunately, the Musical Box patch isn’t included in the new Steamworx sound library for Alchemy Mobile. I had to import it from the desktop version of Steamworx.


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    Thanks @JohnnyGoodyear.

    Just for fun, I ran it through the displaced cube effect in BCC9 (Boris Continuum Complete 9).

    Here's the result:

  • I am arranging to have you sent back to England in 1969. You will host a children's black and white television show. This will be part of the intro/titles. It will be enormous and you will become a National Treasure but you will also always be known as 'Uncle David'. Please treat this responsibility seriously (and do be careful as regards causing problems with the space/time continuum etc).

  • @JohnnyGoodyear, sounds good. And I'll be sure not to disturb the 1969 space/time continuum. Groovy.

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