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Octachron AU not changing patterns via MIDI notes

Can anyone confirm that the Octachron AU doesn’t change patterns via MIDI notes or PCM. The manual says it’s possible, but I can’t get it to work when hosted in LP or AUM. It’s a real shame as otherwise it’s quite a nice app.


  • I can’t get it to work in aum or drambo either. I sent them a support email

  • @antivert said:
    I can’t get it to work in aum or drambo either. I sent them a support email

    Is it possible that the AUv3 uses AUv3 parameters to do this (just guessing)? Tap on the Sliders icon when the app is open in AUM to see what parameters the module shares. If this is true, you need to route your MIDI in AUM to MIDI Control, not to the module.

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    Looks like it ignores MIDI program change in auv3 mode. Not good, all of my other drum sequencers respond in hosted mode. Sending notes is how I change patterns.

    It does have midi “toggles” for changing the pattern. But there’s something really weird about it and it stops working. I’m trying it in loopy pro and it refuses to do anything unless you send a toggle. So you have to tap twice to get it to do anything. Then it’ll stop responding to those too until I open its menu and change patterns manually. Then it responds again.

    Honestly this is very basic functionality that everyone else has figured out. Just let it change pattens when it receives a midi note.

    I am super frustrated having wasted so much time on this when the implementation seems completely untested.

    In Sugarbytes Drum Computer I can change patterns on the fly as fast as my midi will allow me. In octachron, which is a much more basic app, it just doesn’t want to work reliably.

    It needs testing in Drambo and Loopy Pro.

  • I'd also like to see patterns changing with the same MIDI notes in both standalone and hosted versions. Particularly on Cubasis, where accessing AUV3 parameters not exposed, is not possible.

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    The attached video file shows how to switch between AUv3-Octachron patterns from AUM built-in virtual MIDI keyboard.

    The method shown in the video is not smart. I did it in the wrong order.
    Below is the method with less taps.

    Load AUv3-Octachron on AUM.
    Tap 'Tap to add MIDI destinations.' on the virtual MIDI keyboard.
    Tap MIDI OUTPUTS ‘Keyboard’.
    Tap AUv3-Octachron window’s MIDI CTRL icon (= 4 vertical line segments in orange).
    Tap CYCLE to disable it.
    Tap 'LEARN'.
    With 'LEARNING' displayed, tap any note on the virtual MIDI keyboard.

    From ACTIVATE PATTERN 2 to ACTIVATE PATTERN 8 should be set equal to ACTIVATE PATTERN 1.
    Each MIDI note number should not be set in duplicate.

    (I tapped a wrong note at 1:32. So the pattern did not switch at that time. It’s merely my mistake).

    -I used Video Compressor・ app.
    -Since a ‘.mov’ file cannot be uploaded to the forum, I compressed it to a ‘.zip’ file, using iPadOS file compression feature.
    -My post is one year late, so I’m not sure if this will help @sdesign. (So @sdesign do not need to reply to this post of mine. I do not want to bother you).

    Btw, the attached video file was recorded after rotating the screen 180 degrees, as my iPad screen is not very responsive to touch. (⬅️touching true story)

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