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iPad MIDI routing Question

Hey y’all. I would like to include my Ipad into my hardware set up. I have a Novation Launchkey MK3 as my master key board, right now I’m sending midi out from that with usb to my main sequencer the Akai force and midi goes in and out of the Force to my main desk top synth Access virus.

I would like to send midi out of the IPad and into the Force so I can record midi from Drambo. I got that working. I have a usb to 5 pin midi cable going in and out from the iPad and it to the Force and it works well but how can I send that midi from the Force to my Virus synth I tried midi thru out of the force and my keyboard doesn’t work when it’s set up Ike that for some reason. I would also like midi to continue to go in and out from the Force to the Virus to I can record automation.

What is the most simple way to do this? Should I get one of those midi thur boxes or a midi splitter or can I do it somehow with just midi thru? If the in and out midi ports on the Force are used up by the IPad how can I get the midi from the Virus back into the Force? I also have a Focusrite interface but it doesn’t have midi thru if that would help the setup.



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