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Drambo MIDI import

In Drambo, how do I import a MIDI sequence?


  • I think you still can’t import midi files, so you have to record it. I might be wrong, but the Drambo pros will surely enlighten us.

  • Correct. MIDI import and export are not available yet, the main focus is still on the modular environment. It's planned though.

  • Ah, that’ll be good

  • edited August 2

    I was looking for the same thing, I have midi tape recorder as an au instrument inside drambo, with a midi file loaded.
    Now what? How do I record to drambo sequencer? Must be really obvious but it’s my first time doing this… any help appreciated

    Edit: nevermind, I wasn’t using the correct midi port. It’s pretty easy, like I assumed

  • Here is my post on another forum:
    If it’s a multichannel midi file, open in cubase and save all channels separately. Create a new instrument in drambo, made from an instance of midi tape recorder and an instance of drambo (we call it d2) Copy - paste the instrument on drambo, on all the channels you need to play your midi files. Go to top right hamburger menu in midi tape recorder and import the midi channel you want to be played. To send those midi files to drambo for editing: Press record on d2, then press play on drambo. A new midi file is created on d2. Press stop on drambo. Go to d2, select the new file and drag and drop it on drambo. See here for more details, at 4:00.

  • Time for an update.
    The latest Drambo version now supports MIDI file import and export.
    Importing a multitrack MIDI file will catch the first track for now. Please don't hesitate to report how it works for you.
    In the current pattern (clip), tap on the clip properties icon and use the new Import/export buttons shown on the top:

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