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The End of Time album final release

edited December 2022 in Creations

Here it is.
I'm right now quite happy with all the tracks, which likely won't be the case tomorrow.
Anyways, I put it first on Bandcamp, and if no one here ears some catastrophic mistake I could have missed, it will go on the other streaming platforms later.


Tried to embed the player but it isn't working.


  • release date on all the other platforms: December 9th :-)

  • Congratulations, Joseph ! Don't have time today for a deep listen but surely will tomorrow !

  • Thanks @JanKun , hope you'll like the final version more than the drafts.

  • edited December 2022

    The first magical moment, about 3:35 on track one…. Magical. Will continue over the weekend. Excellent production. And connected by the graphics.

  • Thanks @LinearLineman . Hope you will like the finalized versions. I put lot of work in rewriting and mixing to make it all more subtle without compromising the mood.

  • Halfway through now. Some general comments. I like this music, tho like doesn’t really describe the complex nature of what you’re doing. It’s not background music, that’s for sure. If someone listens to this it’s making a commitment to entering the sonic landscape you’ve created. It’s worth it but it demands you pay attention.

    In my own music I judge it (after the fact) by how much I can listen to it without getting bored or annoyed. There’s shock value music and lasting beauty music. So far End Of Time is a combination. The beauty in Silent Battle starts at about 1:15 and is quite engaging and continues into the next track as well.

    You're living up to the potential of the theme. It’s easy to say… oh, the end of time… that’s apocalyptic.
    But, certainly, it’s more complex than that. It’s regret, memory… all the looking backward. And, contrarily, it’s the disappearance of future. It’s physics and the destruction of a man made concept, with humanity along with it. Can it be hopeful… that’s a stretch. Is it a manifestation of weltshmerz. Most certainly.

    I read about your autism. Does that provide insight? Reasonable intellects must look at the autistic spectrum and those on it with fresh eyes. After all, the world’s once richest man, flawed though he might be, revealed he is autistic on SNL. Obviously, you’re not cut off from your emotions. To make this music I’m pretty sure there is a lot of intensity and sustained focus going on. Is this enhanced by your particular constellation of autistic attributes? It seems so.

    You’re capable of a considerable output, as I have been. Ultimately we do it just for ourselves. To get others, in any number, to listen and be affected… especially off the grid conceptions is a fool’s errand. We must be satisfied with our own creative journey. But there will be a handful of others that will listen and appreciate, even marvel, at the total picture of what you, one human, can express in a very thought out, felt, technological and sophisticated manner. It’s an awful lot to juggle and you’ve completed the task of hitching it all to a profound and mysterious theme. That’s quite an accomplishment.

    I’m not great at musical analysis. Perhaps ears like @McD @richardyot and @jankun will weigh in a bit.

    It can be deflating to put one’s heart and soul into something and have to realize the world isn’t going to stop, at least for a beat, and pay tribute to an individual’s talent, originality, effort and commitment. Unfortunately, or fortunately, in a world of eight billion souls there are probably more than 10,000,000 creative masters that would be worth paying attention to. When you take in that tens of millions will watch, and enjoy, a dog dance on its hind legs (I do) but almost no one is interested in
    material that takes work to endure, feel, interpret and appreciate, especially with the stressed lives of the listeners…. Well, if we can grok all that, it is liberating to have the opportunity to participate in the great game and have the production tools, which was never before possible, at our fingertips.

    Will continue to listen and comment on this excellent work.

  • Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment @LinearLineman <3 <3 <3

    Indeed this isn’t background music or “predigested” music. I’ve always been an active music listener: I get away from sensory distractions and only listen to the music, with the best gear at my disposal. So I’m not only getting the “superficial” sound (in the sense of the notes and instruments) but also, depending on the music writer and performers, the deeper hidden music and images. Music should be a journey into the world (of pictures, stories, emotions) the writer is trying to build and convey.
    This isn’t snob or elitist: that was the original purpose of music besides religious considerations.

    I write and record my music with that kind of listener in mind. And I know this is an endangered species. My work is definitely not for people in a hurry, clicking next after 22 seconds, not allowing for the music to develop and get to the point.
    The world changed. I remember listening Michel Petrucciani in a super small theater 30 years ago in Paris. Everyone was really focused on his music.
    Now, a friend of mine who lives in Paris still goes to that place from time to time, and what is the audience doing while Jazz musicians are literally playing the unplayable? Instagramming how great the venue is, checking emails, taking a video they will never watch anyways, and talking to each other.

    I’m sorry I digress, and sound like some ranting old fart.

    You are so right about it being a manifestation of Weltschmerz, in the classic meaning, but also to an extent in the more modern meaning. It is a curse making life not even barely tolerable. “Don’t ever dare hoping for nothing for it will only end in disappointment and frustration”.
    I sometimes envy people who see the world trough pink tinted glasses.

    Autism doesn’t give me any special insight, it always was a major problem between the inability the verbally communicate(which after more than half a century struggling improved a little), the tremendous sensory issues and the complete lack of practical sense, and the complete lack of interest for anything that isn’t in my very limited area of things I like. I don’t know in the end. Maybe it gave me the perfect pitch that 8 am starting to lose, and the ability the stay extremely focused on one single thing for very long periods of time. Some people say they like that I basically don’t lie. But I’m totally sure they lie about it.
    I also don’t lack emotions. I just can’t put word on them, or express them in any other form that music or photography.

    Your last two paragraph resonate so perfectly with me. I’m grateful for the technology that allows me to translate almost perfectly the music in my head into real music, while at the same time really not caring for tech beyond the practical use I make of it.
    Even 10 years ago, the results were really frustrating. Now that I’m not ashamed of sharing my music because I feel like the technical quality is good, it turns out the audience mostly isn’t there (or we didn’t connect). Strangely, it makes me value more the people who truly enjoyed my music. I’m aware I’m making music in a niche of a niche.

  • Great achievement. You have a very distinctive music voice.
    Some tremendously tender and moving moments throughout which, for some reason, I wasn’t expecting.
    The middle section of Misery is just beautiful. Ditto second half of ‘Butterfly…’
    Oh and fantastic production as well.

  • edited December 2022

    Yes, a wonderful achievement, Joseph. I liken it (re sticking to the theme). Similar to my Pictures At A Planetarium, which I consider my best effort apart from jazz.

    I like the eerieness, like in Misery and I liked the pure flute themes. I must say I was flummoxed by the end. I guess, for me, it was a cognitive dissonance. The mixture of melodious material with that eerieness… I guess I wasn’t expecting something “positive”… like something at the end of time that would surprise me because it was a good thing to happen (in a human way) after all the anxiety.

    . I guess, to make it clearer, if I had done this excellent stuff, I would have an eleventh track of five minutes of silence. So, maybe you have a different concept of what might await, but I'm locked into the entropy viewpoint. I was looking for that ebb, like the surf receding on a beach, that never returns. Just my subjective response, it’s just one more reaction opinion. It did make me think a lot about it, though.

    I look forward to listening to your next large effort. (PS we could use some insights from @McD here. Always fun.)

  • McDMcD
    edited December 2022

    @LinearLineman said:
    . I guess, to make it clearer, if I had done this excellent stuff, I would have an eleventh track of five minutes of silence. So, maybe you have a different concept of what might await, but I'm locked into the entropy viewpoint. I was looking for that ebb, like the surf receding on a beach, that never returns. Just my subjective response, it’s just one more reaction opinion. It did make me think a lot about it, though.

    PS we could use some insights from @McD here. Always fun.)

    I'd pay some of my hard earned retirement sheckles for 5 minutes of silence from you @Linearlineman. You with your 50 albums in 50 weeks... you haunt my dreams. You're the Mozart to my Salieri. And after torching me without your productivity you decide to re-mix them all again and share them again as a

    Best of Michael Levy 50 Album Box Set
    Now in Dolby ASMR

    And now... Joseph Balson. I need a little time to consider alternative hobbies. I'm not sure I can bear to listen to an entire album of this quality but I will consider maybe skipping a couple podcasts over the next few days and providing some "clever insights". He just might be the Cher to my Sonny Bono.

  • @McD, as the scorpion said, it’s just my nature. I’m almost done with the remix phase and hope to have the will to make new stuff again. Strangely, I’ve discovered CBD, which is actually legal in GA, and proceeds to get a body quite high and possibly motivated, as well.

    As I said in another thread, “things are getting a lot better around here”. That includes you, too, my friend. You go for the quality and I’ll stick with the quantity. Things certainly include this Joseph Balson we have in our midst as well as quite a few other really talented creators. Moreover, as another member said, this stuff can be inspiring. I’m glad to play a role in that and to see the interest grow in many members of ABF.

  • It's taken me a few days to find the time to listen to this all the way through but I'm listening now and it's great! Bleak and beautiful at the same time.

  • I've had a chance to listen to both The End of Time and My Nights on Mars. Both albums are amazing, even though they're quite different.

    You have a true gift for composition and an incredible ear for orchestration. The result is truly inspiring.

  • This is an incredibly beautiful release Joseph. C'est magnifique !

  • edited December 2022

    Wow, very cool! So cinematic yet feels really personal. I love how things continually evolve in unexpected ways yet it is all so cohesive.

  • Thanks you @richardyot , @DavidEnglish , @JanKun @AudioGus for taking the time to listen my music.

  • edited April 2023

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