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AUM as midi slave to Logic Pro X via IDAM


I’ve read around what I could find online and I have aum, on my iPad Pro, sending midi and audio to Logic Pro x on iMac m1.

I just want to hit play in my DAW, logic, bitwig, reason or machine on the m1 iMac and have my sounds etc triggered in aum on iPad. I hope to capture both midi and audio in logic…

I also have loopy pro, apematrix, cubasis 3, a few others, if any of those hosts could be slave?

Has anyone managed a set up such as this? Would you be kind enough to outline the set up?

I hope to add a few other devices running things, old iPhones etc. but for now I just want to utilise my iPad Pro as a midi synced sound module…

All the best


  • Hello, I haven't tried that but as Logic integrates Ableton link now and as far as I remember AUM and many others iPad apps integrates it too, maybe here is a clue?

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    Thanks, I tried to set up ableton link but couldn’t get it to work. I’m going to have another look this evening. I was being lazy to be honest, hoping someone had done it already and could lay out a quick step by step, as I’ve set this stuff up lots of times in past. Just moved to Mac from windows. I’ll hopefully work it out tonight if no one has time to outline the process.

  • Ableton link will work without IDAM. If I understand what you are saying maybe you need to know how IDAM sets up? For the IDAM part you need to enable the i device in the Audio/MIDI configuration app on the Mac.(it’s in Applications/Utilities) It’s worth keeping this in your Dock as you need to enable the i device every time you reconnect it to the Mac. Once the device is enabled it can be used as an input for audio in Logic and for transmitting and receiving MIDI. As you are new to the Mac it is also a good idea to get to know what an Aggregate Device is as this will become useful to you.
    Feel free to ask questions.

  • Ableton Link just needs to be enabled in AUM and in Logic for Start Stop.
    You will find Ableton Link in Logic in the Preferences/Sync tab.

  • Both devices need to be on (the same) WiFi network as well.

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