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The end of Times: 10, The End.

edited December 2022 in Creations

All the drafts are done, here is the final part of The End of Times series.

Now that the rough writing and recording is done, I can start the real work: writing what needs to be rewritten, adjusting the sounds, polishing, mixing, mastering etc...

That is how I (usually) work: When the music is in my head, I have to put it on paper as fast as possible before either it gets forgotten or I go crazy. I also do the basic recording as fast as possible.
When that hard part is then done. All the modifications, rewriting, adjustments are easy but time consuming.

The final version of the End of Time series is now on most platforms in 48-24:
Apple Music:
Amazon Music:
Google Music:


  • I look forward to the improvements since the drafts are so good (they’d be finished stuff for me). Suitably inchoate, this.

  • oh no I've already 5 pages of changes for the 10 parts. Never happy me.

  • @jo92346 said:
    oh no I've already 5 pages of changes for the 10 parts. Never happy me.

    In your process, do you ever reach a point where you consider a work complete, or do you always end up unsatisfied, especially after letting some time pass ?

  • always unsatisfied.
    Starting with this project, I'm gonna start to force myself and stop modifying after the "second pass"

    • most of the rewriting is (very roughly) on paper: I did that a couple days after the upload on YouTube.
    • editing in the daw
    • final mixing
    • some mastering polishing

    If I'm happy with the end projet, wait a few days, listen again to check if something is wrong, and publish as fast as possible: that way it's final, I can't edit anymore.

  • Just listened to the whole playlist on YT through my headphones… Bravo 🙏
    Not sure I can relate it to anything else I’ve heard or say it’s similar to another composer… you have such an original voice!
    The Last Butterfly was perhaps my favourite but they will all repay repeat listening 😊

  • I can hear the time and planning you put into these compositions. I would imagine that for every measure of final mix, you probably had 3 or 4 to choose from. If you are at all like me, you refer to this as 'work', but it's actually 'play'. It can be time consuming, but what else can you do with time but consume it? Most of my time is consumed earning a living. Whatever is left is spent doing this. Nice work/play!

  • Thank you @GeoTony (hope you might like even more the final version, a bit more subtle) , @Paulieworld .

    I did the 10 pieces in 2 weeks, working aka playing 10 hours a day overall.
    There is not much "planning", The music is quite 80% already in my head before I start writing. So the first draft, that I put you YouTube was the first attempt (taking into account playing and drinking sometimes makes recording a bit me consuming).

    Now, when working on finalizing that is another story.

  • I think I finished working on "the End of Times" (for now...). The rewriting is done, I corrected all that bothered me, I like the mix and master (and the visual spectrum analyzer looks good).

    But due to starting losing my earring, I can't really trust what I ear, therefore I'm looking for someone with good ears to listen to the final files and check all that is wrong.

  • It starts off so dark and broody, like the other pieces in the series, but then that guitar really changes the mood. It's still melancholic, but beautiful rather than unsettling. Then the mood changes again and really feels very edgy and tense. And then the flute appears and offers a little ray of hope again.

    It's quite the journey this track takes the listener on. 📔

  • really liked this one, some great tonal shifts and journey listening

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