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JWM - Foley (Lofi)

edited November 24 in Creations

So here is a Lofi track comprised of sounds 100% recorded by me.

Special thanks to @trickyflemming for his wonderful apps and to @elf_audio for Koala Sampler and @j_liljedahl for the always incredible AUM. Production notes in the Soundcloud description. Cheers.


  • nice, now thats the lofi vibe. well done

  • @shinyisshiny said:
    nice, now thats the lofi vibe. well done

    Thank you so much mate. :)

    Well, this track was a bit of a pain to make. My original plan was to create my Lofi EP in Koala on my iPhone SE 2 and master in AUM. However, Koala standalone does crash half the time when I save my project on the iPhone (it does save, but then goes kerplunk lol). So I created this track on my iPad instead where Koala standalone does not crash and is stable. (I've sent the bug report to @elf_audio ).

    So I think the rest of my tracks will be produced on my iPhone in Nanostudio 2 and then all mastered in AUM one after the other with a field recording of some sort looping in the background. (The reason I call Foley a "demo" is that it isn't the final master but just mastered as its own track.)

    The wildest part is, I went back to the "My Licenses" section of my Image-Line account, because I remembered this old sample pack from the early-to-mid 2000s called "The Lofi Box". Image-Line were very much ahead of their time, because the tons and tons of dry drum samples are perfect for creating Lofi beats! 😳 In fact, those drum samples are what I used to produce the beat for "Lofi Wizardry" here... - Lofi Wizardry (Demo)-converted.m4a?dl=0

    Anyways, that's enough of me chatting. Back to my "dungeon" to make more music. 🤣

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