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Need help with swing?

I was skeptical when I started watching this because of the title. But I think it’s a very good lesson, indeed. And anyone can do it. I like that he focuses on Monk, the player who influenced me most rhythmically.What do you think?


  • Bouncing this. An important lesson, especially for noob jazzers.

  • Definitely checking this video once lunchtime arrives. As someone who's learning Lofi HipHop production, this could be an indispensible video.

  • Open Studio has a lot of great material.

    Barry Harris seems to have influenced some of Adam Maness' teaching too.

  • I could not make it all the way through but it seems like a good lesson. He lost me with the Ken Burns clip, which reminded me of what I did not like about that show--presenting ahistorical mythology as fact. If Buddy Bolden swung the way Wynton was singing, why did that type of swing never show up on recordings for another two decades or more?

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