Remaining killer apps you waiting for..

For me it's just
Grain bender
Addictive synth

Nearly there :)



  • Workbench which has been submitted. Seriously fun way of making your own beats. And Geosynthesizer. And ik's stuff. +1 for Alchemy

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    Geo and Sampletank are probably top of my list, but +1 for Addictive Synth too. Edited to add GarageBand and VocaLive too!


  • IMPAKTOR !!!

  • Yeah, Impaktor would be awesome... You hearing this Jaroslaw?

  • @trackwerker : I spoke to the dev for GrainBender on Twitter, maybe two weeks ago, and he is currently adding Bus support in between his other paying gigs. No ETA, but it is on the way.

    That app is great for generating new random sounds... Can't wait to be able to send them to Samplr :-)

  • Some non-synth Apps like those by (uillean Classic, sackpippä) or the pedal steel app would add some possibilities and some Color...:)

  • Saw this tweet from @lfopw yesterday

    "Just submitted GrainBender update with AudioBus support."

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    Among all apps I use frequently, the list is not short...

    TC-11, Impaktor, Addictive Synth, iVoxel, Voice Synth, Synth Tronica, Filtatron, iMPC/iMini/Tabletop, Cassini, Jasuto Pro, Garage Band,


    All IK apps...

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    Alchemy, TC-11, Addictive Synth, Filtatron, iMPC, iMini, Sampletank, VocalLive, iVoxel, Voice Synth, iMaschine, Protein Der Klang, TNR-i, GeoSynth, SampleWiz, NanoStudio, Cassini, Garageband, Arpeggionome, Mobile Music Sequencer, WerkBench, Xenon Synth, SunVox, TechnoBox2, Synth X, uPhase+, Borderlands Granular, TriqTraq, WeJaam, Impaktor, 50-in1 Piano, Novation Launchkey, Grain Bender, iSequence....just to name a few

    I'm not greedy.... Lol don't use all regularly, but would be nice if the were on the bus

  • @FRibeiro - how is Jasuto Pro? Like it?

  • I have it. It's certainly flexible and powerful, judging by the demo sets, but it is also idiosyncratic and somewhat daunting, so I've never really been creative with it.

  • And the dev has given up on it

  • Addictive Synth, iMPC/Tabletop, Addictive Synth, Guitar Tone, Addictive Synth

    Did I mention Addictive Synth?

  • Traktor DJ would be a great passenger on da bus

  • @PaulB - Thanks
    @Ian - yeah I noticed that, that's why I've held off on it so far

  • Cassini, filtatron, impaktor and nanoloop are the biggies for me.

    I Am Sampler, bebot, space sampler and voice synth would all be supremely welcome additions. Love all of them but hardly use them at this point. Would go nuts with them on the bus though.

    Nanaostudio is still my most used app but I'm hoping Matt continues to ignore the requests and stays on the NS2 course which will presumably include audiobus.

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    And for the record, the jasuto dev is the same ace that built the moog apps (or a substantial part of them anyway). He wasn't ignoring - he was busy bringing the awesome!

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    I Hope Jasuto Pro comes back and get Audiobus. I was surprised with its flexibility for the price. Not an easy app to learn of course, but its capable of the most incredible sounds. And I like the fact you can download community patches to tweak and make your own sounds quickly, something that's not happening with Audulus, which comes with only a few presets (excellent app, but sometimes I don't have time to set a whole modular patch from scratch when composing or recording). My band ( makes heavy use of unusual textures, sound design, effects, etc, so apps like Jasuto Pro are important for us. Fingers crossed :)

  • Audulus Forum Patches

    Granted there aren't a ton but there still relatively new and there are some decent ones there along with some decent patches for use with the Audiobus Effect slot, which is really cool!

  • Thank you! :)

  • Welcome!

  • IVoxel :)

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    All those already mentioned plus....

    Stochastik Drum

    Drums XD

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  • ISequence no audio about but easier to control

  • @Simon We thought you were doing it. :)

  • I tweeted Stochastik Developer a few months back, asking if he'd been given Audiobus SDK....he favourited the tweet.

    How do I take that?


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