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iPads and APTX low latency headphones

Looking on getting an APTX low latency headphones. Does iPads natively support or will I need a usb dongle?
Is the latency low enough for music apps?


  • you need a dongle. i use the creative one with my shure's

    aptXLL is FAR bette than the apple headphones. 100% useable in the studio, still wont live. Switch that dongle to aptXHD, instantly unusable again.,

  • McDMcD
    edited November 14

    @cyberheater said:
    Looking on getting an APTX low latency headphones. Does iPads natively support or will I need a usb dongle?
    Is the latency low enough for music apps?

    Apple IOS does NOT support the AptX Bluetooth profile. You would need to access IOS via a USB option.
    Latency is better… good enough for you? I hope so. The AptX option for me involved some cheap Gamer
    Headphones that improved latency but had the usual Bluetooth connectivity headaches since the hardware just has to
    “Peer” or you get nothing. The headphones were not what I wanted for comfort and audio fidelity.

    I just hope virtual reality forces Apple to invest in a Bluetooth profile that addresses latency.
    Does Android support AptX or some low latency profile and are there Wireless headphones and/or
    Earbuds as well at competitive prices?

    The trick of the AptX profile is to use a smaller packet than the standard Bluetooth which waits for a full
    Packet of audio before forwarding the voice stream which forces the audio stream to has a delay humans notice.
    Googling AptX and Bluetooth latency should provide numbers for packet size and latencies. Having extra time to allow for error correction (i.e. resending packets) is also probably added in the Bluetooth standard to make it
    More robust on a crowded Bluetooth network. Sometimes I learn my phone in the house to go outside and it amazes me how far I get before the signal start dropping. Bluetooth is really great but this latency issue calls for more standardized implementations that more hardware can supports.

  • Google provides:

    From another site the Android question is answered:

    NOTE: Apt X has profiles for “High Definition” audio and another for Low Latency so just showing support for AptX may not
    Reduce latency but the audio might be better and more lossless.

    Qualcomm created AptX and also makes a lot of Android capable cellphone chips. Apple competes with Qualcomm so expect Apple to device their own Low Latency profile and put in in new hardware at some point.

  • It's quite funny the macOS including Ventura natively supports aptX but it's AWOL on the iPad...

  • @Samu said:
    It's quite funny the macOS including Ventura natively supports aptX but it's AWOL on the iPad...

    Probably to remain competitive against Intel/MS solutions in the gaming market where the software has moved to a streaming model with multiple options.

    In the iPad world apple has more control of the Developer API’s and market dominance due to the “gatekeeping” function of the App Store.

    Not that funny when we realized we thrive in “Apple’s Closed System” but the relative stability is nice… but we have surrendered to a closed system of innovation from one vendor. But the multi-vendor approach to integration is a royal pain getting things fixed when they go south, IMHO. License managers, versions mismatches.

    Example: I picked up an M1 MacBook and decided to check out free Kontakt instruments. I download the Kontakt player choosing version 6 M1 and then Intel chip options. Both fail to install. I try the newer version 7, M1 and Intel…. Fails also.

    I check on the Kontakt support page… there’s a statement about them working hard on the new MacOS version 13.

    I check: I’m eligible for the MacOS version 13 upgrade… download and wait overnight for it to complete.

    I try the Kontakt Komplete install and it works… I assume they just picked the M1 version. I don’t care. Does it work?
    I get Kontakt Players 6 and 7 downloaded and 2 free instrument packs. I now (I assume) need to use a DAW and select
    Kontakt as a plug-in and pick an instrument to hear anything. I’ll probably start with Logic Pro but might later start playing with
    Other DAW’s I can either use for free or have paid for at some point in my Mac history.

    Along the way: Native Instruments got me to create a login (data Tracking and marketing spam on the way) and install their software installation manager. Damn. They have a lot of products. Hours so far and not a single note of music and how long will
    It work before something breaks and I get to do all this again?

    App Store just works. Music in minutes… My biggest problem… which new app to buy.

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