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Naada Collection I for GeoShred

Naada Collection I for GeoShred

Wizdom Music and moForte are proud to announce the release of the new Naada Instruments for GeoShred. As with all GeoShred instruments, these are models of the physics of the instrument. They are expressive and interactive.

These new instruments are offered as In-App-Purchases (IAPs) for GeoShred Pro, Play and Control and are priced at $14.99USD** each. In addition the Naada 1 Collection of all 7 instruments, priced at $74.99USD, 7 instruments for the price of 5.

The new instruments include:
- Naada Bansuri
- Naada Shehnai
- Naada Duduk
- Naada Carnatic Violin
- Naada Sarangi
- Naada Erhu
- Naada Saraswati Veena

**Note: All Prices are in US Dollars (USD). Apple sets the local territory price and may add additional local charges such as VAT, GST, HST. Check the store in your territory for the local price.


  • I bought the Naada collection 1 & 2 and I’m having trouble getting any of the new instruments to trill or play legato outside of the GeoShred interface. It works fine if I trill inside GeoShred - that is hold a note and play/release another whilst holding the first note. If I load GeoShred into AUM and send a trill to GeoViolin on MIDI channel 2 then it is also rendered correctly. If I send the same MIDI to the new Naada instruments then they do not play legato. Is this a known issue @moForte or might I have something set up incorrectly?

    I originally tried this in MultiTrackStudio and assumed it was some issue with its implementation of MPE, but AUM shows the same thing.


  • To follow up on my previous post - I contacted moForte directly, who were very responsive. The Naada instruments are less strict with their MPE implementation than the GeoSWAM instruments and so you don't get the warning about using channel 1 when using a conventional (non-MPE) keyboard but using that channel can still result in undefined behaviour, such as legato not behaving as expected.

    The solution is to send MIDI on channel 2, like you might when trying to control the GeoSWAM instruments using a conventional keyboard. For hosts/DAWs which do not let you specify the channel then another workaround is to use 'Mono' mode rather than the default (for Naada instruments) of 'String'. This can be changed in the performance settings panel. The downside to using Mono is that you cannot take advantage of the double-stop setting on the Naada instruments whilst also retaining the ability to play legato.

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