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Langit Sa Lupa Album, with the help of LinearLineman

edited November 2022 in Creations

This Album, Langit Sa Lupa, is my first album project.
@LinearLineman initiated this album project, and I jumped on it.
The beautiful album cover is designed by LinearLineman.
Thank you Mike!!!

Featuring Clarissa and Enrico.

Enrico has a duo hiphop band called SendaiEra, with producer Sendai Mike.
Clarissa often sings for his brother Enrico.
Check out SendaiEra at

Here is the link to our first Album, Langit Sa Lupa:


  • Looks good, Rene. For those who don’t speak Tagalog, the translation is Heaven On Earth.

  • Nice collaboration all round. Mike’s album covers are always interesting works of art.

  • Worth bumping this as it’s Rene’s first album and, also, very good. Both his kids are excellent musicians. Have a listen!

  • Tremendous stuff… well worth a listen.
    Didn’t think I would like the new fangled ‘hip hop’ stuff but I was wrong! Really enjoyed it.
    Look forward to you catching @LinearLineman up with your number of albums 😊

  • Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the great feedback, and glad you liked the hiphop music from Seattle.
    There is no chance at all, at album production catching up with @LinearLineman , hahahahaha!!!
    Mike is the "Man"!
    Thanks again, Tony!!!
    With love and respect,

  • Great job on the album, I just listened all the way through. A nice mix of genres, and both you and your daughter are incredibly gifted singers.

    SendaiEra is really fresh and contemporary sounding, it could have been on this summer's pop chart :)

  • Hi @richardyot ,
    You are so awesome, and your are so appreciated.
    This project is a quick complication of work as @LinearLineman suggested, and Mike also volunteered to do the album artwork as well.
    The offer is so great, that I had to say yes, and this album is created.
    SendaiEra is an ongoing work by two very bright and involved citizens of Seattle, representing Univ of Washington's very best!
    Clarissa is also the back-up singer for SendaiEra.
    Hopefully, we can have an album by Sendaiera very soon, just in time for next summer!!!
    Thank you so very much, Richard!!!

  • Absolutely beautiful music! I especially enjoyed the originals and SendaiEra’s tracks? Are there more of them somewhere? Thank you so much for releasing this album!

  • Hi @Sawiton ,
    Thanks for the listen, and the wonderful feedback.
    For more of SendaiEra, you can go to
    They are in the process of releasing a new album, called Kalayaan.
    Their unique story is in their current video-info in their website.
    Hope you get to visit their site.
    Love your response, and thank you!!!

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Worth bumping this as it’s Rene’s first album and, also, very good. Both his kids are excellent musicians. Have a listen!

    Hey Mike,
    Remember this?
    I almost missed your bump, and most precious comments.
    Yes, my son and daughter are still doing their thing, now that they are both in Seattle now.
    And I am most thankful for your generosity in this album production!!!
    You are truly a gift, "langit sa lupa" is someone like you.
    Thank you!!!
    With love and respect,

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